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Drone’s Riot Footage w/ RTS UI


TAKSIM GEZI PARK AERIAL / Taksim Gezi Park Havadan Çekim [Part 4] from Jenk K on Vimeo.

…with some this video game user interface overlayed:

Dance Controlled Live PA

Oculus Rift + Kinect – Audio visual instrument a001 from Ethno Tekh on Vimeo.

Flailing to create music. What more can I say?

XCOM – turn-based strategy

I’d have to say that X-COM is my favourite turn-based strategy game. Played the crap out of this game, even despite how difficult and time-consuming it was.

A few months ago, when I realized that the remake was released… AND in the classic turn-based tactical style, instead of the silly FPS version that was planned. Picked it up almost instantly (after approval from my partner, of course).

I’ll spare my long review of it, so just go play it.  Go out and try XCOM: Enemy Unknown…  right now.

Browsing the web, I found a few links to some solid strategy tips for those that are attempting to play the game on “Classic” difficulty.



Besides the links, there’s also this PCGamer video that does a great job. Chis talks about playing the game in Ironman mode where the game controls your single saved game.  No retries. Consequences are permanent.

Spring Engine : Open Source RTS Game

Just played some Planetary Annihilation and it’s pretty…  but when it comes to an RTS, I’m looking for smart controls…   and that pretty game didn’t cut it.

If you haven’t heard of Spring Engine, I recommend watching this feature video and you’ll start to see what we’re talking about when we say “smart controls”.



Was inspired but some recorded matches of Spring RTS, an open source real-time strategy game, so I recorded a big match that I played versus an AI opponent.  Wanna play?  Well Spring is free, so go download it (or just grab it from the Ubuntu Software Centre).

I will be performing some screen captures on Linux in the future (video tutorials of a 3D animation package), so I wanted to find optimal methods for recording 3D at full HD (1080p).

Settings for recordMyDesktop on Ubuntu 12:10 using Gnome 3:
Video Quality 100
Frames Per Second 30
Encode on Fly: OFF
Zero Compression: ON
Quick Subsampling: OFF
Full shots at very frame: ON

Game was running at 10x speed, and I then doubled it again in my video editor, OpenShot (open source video editor).

DJ mix is by meshdiggity on SoundCloud.

*note:  Remember to switch to HD 1080p!  Make those little dots nice and crisp.

Youtube’s Got Variable Playback Speed?

You can play at normal, double, 1.5, 1/2 or 1/4 speed.  No joke.  Check this link and see if it works for you.

But now that I’ve shared the link, the feature isn’t there anymore. WTF?  Ok, I’m doing a video screen capture while this is still up. This is a pretty cool feature and a VERY cool feature for those that like to dissect visual effects in film OR for all the animators who are studying animation. Dear Vimeo, take note.


The Speed option is back again. It’s probably because I was jumping between browsers. I don’t see it in Firefox, but I do see it in Chrome (Chromium). I really am digging this (obviously).  It seems that it’s an HTML5 feature that you have to opt in to.

pid : stylized 2D platformer

Original game concept and fresh look. Can’t wait to give this game a whirl. [thx Zak]

Cut the Rope for Android

In anticipation for the launch of World of Goo for Android (2 more days!!!), I discovered another little clever little title called Cut the Rope.

Can gifts be purchased for Android, similar to the way Steam handles it? Me thinks this is inevitable, but they should hurry up!!

World of Goo on Android

A few days ago my roomate and I were talking about World of Goo.  Last night, he booted up his Mac, while I tried to figure out how to get it running on Linux.

This morning I found that 2D Boy had my install files still available on their website (score!!). Within minutes, I was creating towers of goo using my Wacom tablet. Yes, this game is super tablet friendly under Mac and Windows. Though a little glitchy under Linux (probably due to the resolution change), it can be done with a Wacom.

Today I took a look at the 2D Boy blog and discovered that, in a few days, World of Goo will be available for Android! OOoooh boy.  So for about $5 ($15 less than the current PC download price), I will have another time-waster on my Galaxy Tab? This game was born for touchscreen, and on November 28th, all shall be right in the world.

World of Goo was created during a rapid prototyping session at Carnegie Mellon. Details of this development cycle are here on Gamasutra.

Two Recent Turn-Based Strategy Releases

Despite the great time I have had playing Blipzkrieg, I’ve also invested some time (and $7) on another game.

Frozen Synapse was half-off on Steam this past weekend and I’ve been playing it quite a bit… in between renders. I am certainly digging it, as it feels like a combination of Rainbow Six’s planning stages, X-COM and Jagged Alliance. Games can be completed fairly quickly, unlike most turn-based strategy games, which is a big plus for casual gamers.

It’s also worth mentioning that they’ve demoed some Jagged Alliance Online footage on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Great game and I remember running into one of the developers while snowboarding in Vancouver

Voxels at Siggraph 2011

Real quick, I wanted to point out the many recent uses of voxels demonstrated at Siggraph. I can’t help it, but I get pretty excited every time I hear about voxels. Even the developer at Atomontage states that we need a voxel “revolution”, and I couldn’t agree more.

Apparently Blue Sky’s “Rio” used Voxels for terrain and the rendering of large crowds. I hope the talk is released soon so I can see the details, first hand.

I was made aware of a game engine called Atomontage, which uses voxels [thx Ruslan].  In the video below, you can see the potentials of (for example) truly destructible terrain, as the user unearths rocks from the sand or strips the plaster from the walls, revealing the bricks underneath.

SideFx’s release of Houdini 11.1 allows for the integration with Sony Imagework’s open source project, “Field3D“, a format for working with 3D voxel data.

Prep for Burning Man

I’m going and I have a ticket. Some travel details need to be worked out and I still have some equipment prep that needs to be planned and executed.

I’m still working on my SideFX Cook-Off challenge entry.

I also just purchased the new turn-based strategy, “Frozen Synapse”. Some would say this will kill my productivity… and they would be right. The point is to use my computer for something completely not work related between little successes.

Also looks like MEC has the Injinji toe-socks that I need to get before burning man. What else will fit my toed Vibram shoes?

Minecraft Mod Will Twist Your World

I try to avoid posting random video game videos, unless there’s something be learned… but this was too trippy to pass up. It’s amazing what you can do with a procedurally built world. The bigger the monitor you have, the more immersive the experience. If, at first you are not impressed, give it a minute… even if you’re not much of a gamer.

Zombies Ruin Vacation

Zombies chomping (and being chopped) in reverse, for Zombie Island trailer. Houdini was used for rigging, animation, effects and rendering. A nice score for Toronto based SideFX software!

Read the VFX breakdown here.

Google & Pacman

Did you notice that you could actually play some Pacman on Google’s start page? Very slick usage of Java script… and multiplayer too!

Jesse Schell on Video Games of the Future

Zombies in the Cottage of Doom

Back in 2003, Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick was released on the XBOX 360. I saw only bits and pieces if, but the reviews seem to side with what I saw…   some awesome voice work by Bruce Campbell, inside of a disappointing game.

If you love the concept of being trapped inside of a cottage, with unlimited waves of undead, you must checked the open-source game project Cottage of Doom.  The graphics are something you might haven’t seen in a decade, but the gameplay is great.  The creator is now working on an update called “Deadrock“, though I expect it might be awhile before we see anything since he’ seems busy with Eufloria.

Call of Duty: World At War

Staring out of a boarded up window as dead nazi’s stumble in from the fog. With the volume set properly, your guaranteed to jump.

There’s also Su

I’m sure that most will be playing Left 4 Dead 2, but don’t forget to checkout some of these other pieces of zombie flavor.

The Escapist on Fallout 3

I received Fallout 3 free with my PS3 console deal… the “Collectors Edition” that is.

I’ve put just under 10 hours into the game and although the new turn-based like targeting system (aka “VAT) is pretty satisfying, the game is pretty repetitive. Glad I took the time to play it as now I’m more sure than ever that I want to avoid most first person RPGs.

You like the open world RPGs? Then you’ll probably like this game. However, if life demands your attention, don’t pick this one up or:

1) You won’t get anything done. You’ll constantly be late for work. You’re wife will leave you (though this is more tolerable to spouses than “WoW”).

2) You’ll snap out of a trance, 10 hours in, and think, “Where am I? It’s 2am?” and set out to burn the drug-like media before it tempts you into more game time.

Checkout what the Escapist has to say.

Thief? Hmm… yeah, I still haven’t played that one.

Dead Rising 2 Announced


Click here for IGN’s coverage.

or Gamespot’s article.

Karting in Paris

One of those mornings, then someone sends (yet another) Mario Kart video. I clicked and started watching… and although I’m not sure why, I started laughing. It was the bananas… definitely the bananas.

Thanks to AC for this one.

Going Back to Play Some Old Games

I recently picked up some used PC games off of a guy on Craig’s List. It was a good deal and I’m looking forward to playing some games that won’t have me thinking “Gee, maybe I should upgrade soon.” The list includes: Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich, Gangland, Mafia, Rainbow 6: Ravenshield, Deus Ex, Ground Control II, Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines, Spellforce 2, etc, etc, etc. Lots of good stuff. Ok, so they’re probably not “old” by some gamer’s standings, but they’re certainly not cutting edge. I guess the really old stuff required DosBox.

I installed one of the unfamiliar games yesterday. Although the interface was pretty clunky, by today’s standards, there was still quite a bit of innovation to take note of. Like steering a character as your run around, but the moment you let go of the arrow keys, the mouse cursor becomes a floating hand to manipulate objects in the environment. Perfect for an RPG.

In any case, you can expect me to post some more findings as I shovel through these games.

Thanks to Troy for the hook up and the recommendation of King’s Bounty.

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