My Old Toronto Neighbourhood


Saw this post on a graffiti artist in Toronto. ANSER’s work in a few different spots on or around Sterling Rd. When I get a chance, I gotta find the photos of the other work he’s got hidden on Sterling.

Along with this, there’s a link to photos from inside the big abandoned building that was across the street for me. If I had known there was all this beaufitul art inside, I would have tried a little harder to get in. I think it’s an old GM building.

Amelie In The Empty Lot

A pleasant trip to Crystal Beach, visiting a friend’s cottage, was followed by a welcome surprise.

As we walked up to my loft, I could hear French being spoken through loudspeakers.  I ducked through a hole in the fence and saw a few dozen people in lawn-chairs watching Amelie on a huge inflatable screen.  The strings of lights overhead were also a new addition to this vacant lot that, only a few days before, had tall grass and garbage strewn about.

We set down a blanket and watched the rest of the movie, having missed the first 15 minutes (you can’t have everything).

And I wasn’t wearing my glasses… yet I could still read the subtitles…  for about 1/2 of it…   when I wasn’t playing with the contact juggling ball or taking photos.  😀

Peddle Powered Sound System

There are so many ways to demonstrate efficient uses of energy, and this one speaks volumes (BWAH!)

John and crew has been working on this system for a few months (years?) now. The results are killer. Peddle while charging the batteries for some park, street or beach party. Might be a bit loud for an apartment party… but I think that could work too, as long as you plan on moving out shortly afterwards.

Optimus Prime, do you read me?


The Decepticons are blitzing Autobot City…

Dance Application from Oliver

My friend Oliver shared some of his dance audition recordings with me from 2002. I’ve put them online so that more of the world can see these impressive moves.

Dodgeball Superheroes

A few weeks back I happened to stumble across a birthday inspired dodgeball match. I’ve finally had some time to go through the footage. I put together a quick edit of some of the key moments, with some dubstep to spice up the soundtrack. How many times can I hear this Skrillex track before I get sick of it?

Anyhow, Markwell said it’s cool for me to share the video, so here it is.

Once again, thanks to Markwell and his great group of friends for welcoming this total stranger into this wicked birthday event (which had one of the tastiest birthday cakes I’ve ever had). For the first time in a long time, I look forward to baseball season.  😉

North By Northeast Festival

I was unaware of what was going on, till it was almost over. This past week was the annual North By Northeast Music & Film Festival…    and Conference.

On Thursday I went to a show that started at midnight and ended at a 4am?  A friend of mine recommended I join her to see Noah Pred, who did not disappoint. There’s plenty of music being labeled, “Tech House”… and I’m really liking the sound of much of what I’ve heard…  especially when it stays tribal and funky.  I’m tempted to call it “Minimal House”.

On Saturday I was taking a rail car  into downtown and disembarked when we hit a diversion point.  I soon walked past a huge line of Lady Gaga fans who were waiting for hear arrival. In Dundas Square, I was with thousands watching Devo playing on a big screen.  Large, free (with donation) bottles of energy drink were being consumed by many.  Even ran into , complete with illuminated logo t-shirts. Plus, all week long, many venues received a special alteration to their liquor licenses…    they could serve till 4am???

On a different, but similar note…  Sunday night was my first experience of Cherry Beach. Other than Tuesday night’s in Whistler, BC…  I haven’t seen this many people rock it out on a School Night in a long time.  What?  You say this is EVERY Sunday?  Oooh boy.

Studies in the Library

What do you do when you’re not working, but have to find a quiet place for studies? Well, ya head to the nearest library and share in the studying power of others. No internet at home, other than a crazy setup involving my phone (tethering rules). Been using the local libraries for their wireless internet. Some are nicer than others… :\ Only need to do this when working with web stuffs.

Been out of the cubical for over a year now, so I guess this is an excuse to surround myself with others, without feeling obligated to buy a coffee.

As a reward, I allow myself to ping the Facebook before disconnecting. Hah… “reward” on Facebook. HAH.

Ok, time to head out. It’s foookin hot up in here. This ceiling fan isn’t really helping any. I wonder why.

Chipmunks in High Park

I just completed Week 1 in downtown Toronto. All these years of loving this city, yet this is the first time I’ve actually stayed her for an extended period. No more 4 hour drives to just party on the weekend. Instead, I can visit nearly all my friends via a 15 minute ride on transit. My place is small…  “tiny” actually, but it’s starting to grow on me.  I’ve never lived in such a small space before, which is proposing challenges to me.  So far, so good. I can now truly appreciate Apartment Therapy. I also now have my workstation built.  It feels good to again be using Linux.  I suppose it must sound crazy for a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer to say that he’s happy to be using Linux. Just consider it an educated decision. Won’t be getting any work using open source software, any-time soon, but I’m on break and building new skills. Been loving this time off.

They say that Parkdale is the creative hub of Canada (at least, “one of”). Last week I ran into a mixer right in the middle of Liberty Village. I met a few people in marketing, animation and information technology. Areas I’m familiar with, so there was much to talk about. I feel like I’m following the right path and I find it funny how everything fell into place. Not interested in “work”, but it was good to connect with a familiar vibe.

A few weeks back I brought my camera out and took some footage in High Park, and here’s one of the highlights.  One squirrel chasing around another squirrel, with a cameo appearance by a bird.  These little guys feel a little bigger when running around in slow motion, but their personality really shines through.

Unfortunately, I decided against doing my own voice-over.  Next time, I promise.

Two Victories for the Empire

Empire Kills Terrorist

Vader Announces Death of Rebel Terrorist

According to the Galactic Empire Times:

CORUSCANT — Obi-Wan Kenobi, the mastermind of some of the most devastating attacks on the Galactic Empire and the most hunted man in the galaxy, was killed in a firefight with Imperial forces near Alderaan, Darth Vader announced on Sunday.

Suspected Rebel “Jer” Detained

In a related victory for the galaxy, another rebel was apprehended by a squadron in the Toronto region. The unsuspecting terrorist was taken without incident. Identified as “Jer“, the rebel was armed with a concealed hot dog wrapped in paper towel and a bag full of independently financed comic books.

He was also in possession of a 20oz bottle of Coca Cola, though he denies that he was the owner. He was recorded saying, “It’s not mine!! I’m hypoglycemic!.

He is currently being detained at an undisclosed location and undergoing “questioning” in order to determine the whereabouts of other potential rebel terrorist cells.

With two historic victories in less than a single solar cycle, citizens of the Empire have reason to be proud.

First Visit to Niagra Falls

Living in the Midwest for so many years, yet I never visited Niagara Falls. A few weeks back, this changed. It was pretty cold and rainy, though this didn’t take much away from the spectacle, besides my camera getting dangerously wet.

Here’s a link to entire photo album.


Day Looks Night

Untouched photo taken of the sun, through the tinted glass windows of a moving van.


Ontario Skies

After a wonderful night of dancing, we woke up at 8am to a thunderstorm. The dark skies motivated me to grab some more colorful moody sky pictures and put them up on Flickr. All three photos taken from a moving vehicle.

Milton Clouds

Toronto's Red Sky

Toronoto Galaxy Sky

PILLOW FIGHT!! Toronto 2011

On Saturday, April 2nd @ 8 PM
Yonge-Dundas Square

Newmindspace hosted their first nighttime pillow fight in downtown Toronto. The event was kicked off by a group playing out some tribal rhythms, which continued through all the pillow bashing. I recommend for those that are in a creative slump, to just pull out the camera, and capture the world around you. If inspired, take that footage, edit it together and SHARE IT!! When money isn’t involved, there is so much freedom. Explore it.

Filmed on a Canon 60D and edited with Super Loiloscope.

Trail Walking in Oakville

Looking outside I saw it was raining on top of all the snow that had just fallen. For half a heartbeat I felt discouraged and trapped indoors… but then remembered that “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” I suited up and head out for a walk. It was more like walk/dance. Swinging my legs around and skipping over slush, puddles and mud with my big & comfy studio headphones launching Trentemøller into my eardrums. Pushing the work right up from my legs and hips into my core, arms and neck. Though colder and wetter than my jogs in Seattle, the trails made for a very inspired trip.

I used this little My Tracks application on my Android phone. I didn’t start recording till I was about 1/4 way into the hike. I’m guessing that I walked about 9km.

View Oakville 001 Lost in a larger map

I now feel energized for tonight. We’re going to Good Night.

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