Prayers via Video – Collection

Within the tears of sorrow exists tears of beauty and hope. I have gone through moments where hope was tested. I have even tasted the salty words, “Hope is disempowering.” However, this hope is now what holds the tears in my eyes, relaxing and washing these windows into my soul. Sometimes these tears are allowed to river down my cheeks and other times I hold them there, pooling loosely. A natural balance of awareness. The watery distortion helps me see the world a bit clearer. Mixing sorrow, strength and even laughter. In the process of merging some of these frequencies of feeling, I have been fortunate enough to come across these most excellent tools… these prayers

…starting with…

Charlie Chaplin’s incredible speech (that needs a better YouTube thumbnail)

Nahko – Great Spirit – mindful, stay mindful

ZakAndWhatArmy’s God Fractal

JFK via Prince EA
“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.”

Movement Festival (DEMF) 2013 Dancers

First, I saw Jade Zuberi in a circle near the main stage. Although this “So You Think You Can Dance” segment makes him look good… it was even more jaw-dropping to see in person. At first I didn’t think it was him, as I didn’t recognise his moves… but the style and that facial expression are unforgetable.

Also, here’s some videos I found of dancers that I saw at this years Movement in Detroit, dancing at the festival.

Illusion’s energy on the dancefloor was a blast to watch.

Breakdance circle near the Made In Detroit stage.

Flec Mindscape is a contact juggler found a perfect auto-retrieving location at the fest (a brick bowl).

And more interesting characters.

Dance Controlled Live PA

Oculus Rift + Kinect – Audio visual instrument a001 from Ethno Tekh on Vimeo.

Flailing to create music. What more can I say?

Spring Engine : Open Source RTS Game

Just played some Planetary Annihilation and it’s pretty…  but when it comes to an RTS, I’m looking for smart controls…   and that pretty game didn’t cut it.

If you haven’t heard of Spring Engine, I recommend watching this feature video and you’ll start to see what we’re talking about when we say “smart controls”.



Was inspired but some recorded matches of Spring RTS, an open source real-time strategy game, so I recorded a big match that I played versus an AI opponent.  Wanna play?  Well Spring is free, so go download it (or just grab it from the Ubuntu Software Centre).

I will be performing some screen captures on Linux in the future (video tutorials of a 3D animation package), so I wanted to find optimal methods for recording 3D at full HD (1080p).

Settings for recordMyDesktop on Ubuntu 12:10 using Gnome 3:
Video Quality 100
Frames Per Second 30
Encode on Fly: OFF
Zero Compression: ON
Quick Subsampling: OFF
Full shots at very frame: ON

Game was running at 10x speed, and I then doubled it again in my video editor, OpenShot (open source video editor).

DJ mix is by meshdiggity on SoundCloud.

*note:  Remember to switch to HD 1080p!  Make those little dots nice and crisp.

WebGL with Danger Mouse in Your Chrome Browser

Ok, this WebGL stuff has officially blown my mind (have I used that phrase yet?).  It runs so smoothly, i cannot believe it mon.  Cannot believe!

If you haven’t checked it out, and you have the Chrome browser, please take a moment to checkout the ROME: 3 Dreams of Black music video featuring Danger Mouse. I’d post a link to a Youtube video, but although visually impressive, a video doesn’t do it justice.  The original is interactive… and a video screencapture on Youtube is not.

Check it out already!  And when you’re done, Miranda has some concept art and other behind the scene info for you.

After you’ve seen that, there’s a whole library of WebGL examples to play with.  This library on ChromeExperiements.com has a few dozen online WebGL experiments (thx to Kjrsten Holt).

Burning Man Alternatives?

Can you really replace the salt flats, or the stationary art, or the mutant vehicles?  I’m really not sure, but certain variables have me considering alternatives to this…   alternative culture event. Last year was the first time Burning Man has sold out, which has had the organizers implementing a lottery system, which means that not everyone who wants to go, will get to go. I think this video summarizes most of my feelings pretty well.

A new friend of mine, that I met at a Decompression party here in Toronto mentioned Boom Festival in Portugal.

I was just told about the Lightning in a Bottle music festival in California, around May.

The Rainbow Gathering(s) which occur all over the world.

Another festiva-…er… “republic” that I have come across (thx Mackenzie) is called Kazantip and is apparently the largest rave in eastern Europe.

WHOAH… ok, that was NOT work-safe viewing. Also, not sure how comfortable I would be partying it up with a bunch of Russian mobsters.

There’s also Shambala, Ibiza, Movement in Detroit, the Winter Music Conference in Florida and others (that I’m either forgetting or haven’t yet discovered). However, I don’t expect to find anything that will compare to dancing on a two-story pirate ship while visiting 30+ foot sculptures in the desert. Though music can be a large factor in these festivals, there’s also something quite amazing about the absolutely silent locations you can find on the playa at Burning Man.

Oh boy… what to do. :\

Trentemoller Live on KCRW

Watching Trentemoller right now on KCRW. I will not miss him the next time he’s in town.

Nice Shot, Ace

I started to walk home from the studio down the street, but heard music from the gym at the corner.

Through the window I saw costumed heroes playing dodge-ball? It was Ace (mascot for Toronto Blue Jays). I left and came back with my camera. Nothing like filming, as your camera gets hit by a ball… at 60 frames per second. I took many photos of his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and banana birthday cake, which was arguably one of the best birthday cakes I have ever had. Serious “yum”, especially when followed up by shots of vodka and pineapple.

The 5 hour super-hero dodge-ball event has comes to a conclusion at 1am. With a smile on my face, I walk home and within a minute, I run into a guy that is looking for… a “house” party. I’m talking about a “house music” party… in a loft, less than 1 block away.

1:45, walking into the party I run into (for the first time outside the tea shop) Marco and Juan, the owners of the establishment that I spend over a dozen hours a week at. The $20 cover charge is immediately waved.

I just got home.

Big thanks to Ace, Jason, Juan, Marco and Michael for unintentionally setting up an epic evening.

I am somewhere between Yes Man and Number 23.

Btw… Ace sent me a link to the video of his recent wedding proposal. Now THIS is how it’s done.

Amon Tobin’s Live Show is 3D Projection

Amon Tobin’s newest live show is a stunning musically driven live projection celebrating the release of his ISAM album. Below is an extended trailer via Vimeo.

Though it is no longer downloadable for free, the ISAM album is still available for preview on SoundCloud.com (including commentary).

North By Northeast Festival

I was unaware of what was going on, till it was almost over. This past week was the annual North By Northeast Music & Film Festival…    and Conference.

On Thursday I went to a show that started at midnight and ended at a 4am?  A friend of mine recommended I join her to see Noah Pred, who did not disappoint. There’s plenty of music being labeled, “Tech House”… and I’m really liking the sound of much of what I’ve heard…  especially when it stays tribal and funky.  I’m tempted to call it “Minimal House”.

On Saturday I was taking a rail car  into downtown and disembarked when we hit a diversion point.  I soon walked past a huge line of Lady Gaga fans who were waiting for hear arrival. In Dundas Square, I was with thousands watching Devo playing on a big screen.  Large, free (with donation) bottles of energy drink were being consumed by many.  Even ran into , complete with illuminated logo t-shirts. Plus, all week long, many venues received a special alteration to their liquor licenses…    they could serve till 4am???

On a different, but similar note…  Sunday night was my first experience of Cherry Beach. Other than Tuesday night’s in Whistler, BC…  I haven’t seen this many people rock it out on a School Night in a long time.  What?  You say this is EVERY Sunday?  Oooh boy.

Daft Punk Visual Mashup

In a style similar to Girl Talk, this mash-up moves through 23 Daft Punk tracks and uses HTML5 and CSS3 in order to visualize all the layers, cuts and waveforms in real time.

You can use the timeline on the bottom to skip around. It would have been neat to be able to toggle each track on and off, but I haven’t found anything in here that allows for that…  yet.

The most impressive part is that no Flash was used to create this! Awesome. There is hope for the future of the internet.

“The Man In Blue” also has a link in the upper right to download the mix as an MP3.

Fruity Loops 10 Gets More Procedural

I love seeing innovative leaps in software upgrades. Companies willing to take the gamble of creating grumbling purists in order to freshen the product… makes my heart melt. It seems like you can feel out dependencies better, which should help get the big picture, quicker. I’m guessing this would also be a great help to those that are collaborating on projects. FLStudio 10 has even added a little module where you can render out musically driven 3D effects. Your VJ will love (or hate) you.

This reminds me of what I love so much about LoiLoScope, which I use for editing my home movies.

Music Video Collaboration

A friend of mine recently posted this Ted Talk video of Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir of 2,000 voices. The beginning of the first song presented sent chills up my spine. I find it eerie and beautiful how there can be so many voices, singing in unison, yet none of them have ever met face-to-face (for the most part).

Click here for the uncut version of the choir (1.0).

It reminded me of these two other videos.

The first video contains clips that were hand picked from Youtube, and put together into a melody.

This music video doesn’t contain musical collaboration like the previous two videos, but the clever use of video (Brady Bunch style) pushed me to mention it here. Similar enough for me!

Dear internet, you truly are an endless glass of liquid potential.

Novation Music Controllers

I hear that combined with Ableton, the Novation Launchpad is killer.

Searching around for prices, I noticed that Novation also has a DJ controller coming out called Twitch. This device includes a touch strip, instead of the plastic discs we typically see on these kinds of controllers. This controller uses Serato’s ITCH software via USB and can also connect via MIDI.

Pinback @ Neumos

Last night I met up with Dave, a new friend I met on Capitol Hill the weekend prior. Coincidentally, he’s from Mt. Clements, Michigan. Dave highly recommended that I checkout Pinback, from southern California, so there we were. East Side crew in full effect for a concert at Neumos. Dave is a musician. He shared with me stories where he almost played for some very well known bands, and that he would do just about anything to play with Pinback.  Well, little did we know, life had some interesting stuff in store for him.

The opener, Little White Teeth opened. They were pretty good, though we only caught the last half of their set.

Next, Pinback came on stage.  One of the two members of the band was not able to make it to the show due to a recent addition to his family.  The newborn child was projected on the screen to emphasize the point. Daddy was not going to make it to his performance. So, Rob Crow performed solo, so that his partner could be with his newborn baby.  Rob was having a hard time, as he only had one day to prepare. Luckily, members from the opening band helped out a bit.

Soon the crowd was making requests that Rob was having a hard time fulfilling. At one point, he said, “I just need someone to sing this.”  I pushed Dave forward, toward the stage.  He turned and smiled before running up and jumping on stage.

Rob said to the crowd, “I don’t know what lyrics he singing, but it sounds better than ours!”  At times like this, it certainly pays to be a musician… because Dave nailed it. A little flower girl ran up to Dave as he stepped off the stage. That was the last I saw of Dave that night.

The Music Scene

“The Music Scene” from Anthony Francisco Schepperd on Vimeo.

Thanks to Rachit for this killer link!

The Music Scene – 2D Animated Music Vid

“The Music Scene” from Anthony Francisco Schepperd on Vimeo.

Thanks to Rachit for this killer link!

The Monk and The Fish

A classically animated short created by Michael Dudok De Wit. Simple yet beautiful. Powerful use of the music to tell the story. If you like this short and can handle seeing something a little more simple, Father & Daughter is also worth checking out.

Thanks to Des Duggan for getting me to check this out.

The Monk and The Fish

A classically animated short created by Michael Dudok De Wit. Simple yet beautiful. Powerful use of the music to tell the story. If you like this short and can handle seeing something a little more simple, Father & Daughter is also worth checking out.

Thanks to Des Duggan for getting me to check this out.

Lasse Gjertsen: Multimedia Nut

Jay would probably call him a “brilliant” Norwegian, and I would have to agree. Music, video and additional points for personality. Granted, he is speaking Norwegian, but that’s similar enough to Swedish…  which I don’t know much either…   but I’ve been there…  finally.  :\


Trippin Video:(tell me this doesn’t feel familiar)

Skit w/ FX: My roommate asked, “Did he really do that?”

Amateur: More music

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