Prep for Burning Man

I’m going and I have a ticket. Some travel details need to be worked out and I still have some equipment prep that needs to be planned and executed.

I’m still working on my SideFX Cook-Off challenge entry.

I also just purchased the new turn-based strategy, “Frozen Synapse”. Some would say this will kill my productivity… and they would be right. The point is to use my computer for something completely not work related between little successes.

Also looks like MEC has the Injinji toe-socks that I need to get before burning man. What else will fit my toed Vibram shoes?


  1. I too am bringing vibrams to BM. I think I’m going to take old socks and cut the toes out, rather than ruining expensive Injiji socks!

  2. Jer

    2011/08/26 at 3:13 am

    That’s a great idea. I wanted white sucks, though went with black to hide any destruction the playa might cause.

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