Emotional Heat Map

The mood ring of the 20th century presented as bodily maps of emotions.

“…Participants viewed emotion-laden words, videos, facial expressions and stories. They then self-reported areas of their bodies that felt different than before they’d viewed the material. By coloring in two computer-generated silhouettes…”


Instinctual Dance

“…this instinct is, for all intents and purposes, an evolutionary novelty among humans. Nothing comparable occurs in other mammals nor probably elsewhere in the animal kingdom. Our talent for unconscious entrainment lies at the core of dance, a confluence of movement, rhythm and gestural representation.”

So You Think You Can Dance? @ Scientific American

2am thoughts

Can’t sleep. A burst of inspiration and confusion. Seeing everything I’m doing wrong. The things I’m doing wrong is that I’m NOT doing things. Not making the changes in my life that I know are healthy. For months I would dance at the bus stop, listening to my headphones. I tried to avoid areas with people, but if someone walked past me and looked at me as if I was a crack head, I smiled and kept dancing.

I warmed up whenever I could (45 min per day, average). My “workout” consisted of pushup bars.  Gotta thank Slis for the heads up on these things.  I again have a pullup bar & it’s not one I need to be afraid of breaking loose.  It’s a custom make and is built right into the supporting 2x4s in the framework of an extra-wide hall / doorway.  Meditation/quiet time/breathing practice/dancy/stretching/yogaish type stuff is key.  I was somehow able to do it without music.  The music was in my head…    man.

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