Sketchbook Start


First Moleskin is almost full. I am hooked. Here is page 1 from October, 2010.

Musically Drawing

Here’s one entertaining way to help train yourself to read music… as well as provide a little subliminal programming…?

Alchemy – Digital Inspiration Creator

Thanks to Dan Laczkowski for getting me to seriously check this out. The following link will lead you to a demonstration by Android Jones.

Alchemy – An open drawing project


Self Portrait Sketches

Davario on Livejournal created a post where hundreds of artists are now drawing portraits of themselves, past and present. It first started as a simple “draw yourself as a teen” post and then BOOM it exploded into a meme. There’s a huge list of sketches that have been submitted, with a wide range of skill levels. I’ve only gone through a dozen or so myself, but I plan on spending more time later, here and there, checking out the rest.

Take a look at this impressive list of portraits.

before n after

Paint Over Critiques w/ Steven Stahlberg

Animated gif

Steven Stahlberg’s paintover thread on CGTalk. Tons of pages here for me to checkout yet. Comparisons are definitely teaching me a trick or two about lighting. He’s really making the characters pop out.

Starting on page 11, he started using animated GIFs in order to more clearly show the before and after shots.

Plastic Animation Paper

Finally gave Plastic Animation Paper a try and HOT DAMN is it fun and simple to use. The free version functional enough to have fun with although it doesn’t include the blue sketch pencil or the ability to import sound. I hear that the application runs in 8 bit mode, which is probably why sketching runs so smoothly. Also, no prerendering is neccessary to view your animations. Currently I’m using it for my gesture sketches. I have a slideshow running in ACDSee and I sketch in PAP. I just tap a single key for a new cell, every time a new pose pops up. A home version of the gesture sketches often done in life drawing classes. Haven’t tried this on a single monitor setup yet.

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