Yay Twitter

Twitter is over capacity again? As the system grows, it will just get worse and worse as they are forced to cut back on features.  Yet another reason to switch to a free, open source & decentrilized alternative.

I *heart* Identi.ca.


Twitter Tools Hacked for Identi.ca

Alex King made Twitter Tools for Wordpress.  Basically allows you to make tweets from your WordPress blog or create Daily/Weekly digests from  your tweets.  

Here is a hack to get this to work with Identi.ca.

Identi.ca – Twitter’s Free Alternative

“But I thought Twitter was free?”   It is, till they decide it’s not.  We’re talking “free bird” here, not just “free beer“.

Why do I use WordPress?  Because it’s free and open source.  I can archive my entries locally.  I don’t have to worry about the proprietary service (aka Livejournal) shutting down, and denying me access to my entries.    I can fully customize the look and function of my blog.  I can… well…  I can do anything. If I don’t have the time to setup my own WordPress server, I can go to WordPress.com and get a free account.  Then, when I do eventually get the time to setup my own server, I can archive ALL my blog entries and upload them to my own server.

This type of thinking applies to just about everything I do.  If I can find an open source alternative, I’ll use it… or at least give it a try.  My latest discovery was Identi!

Identi, an alternative to Twitter. Laconi (on which Identi is based) is open source & more scalable than Twitter.  What’s that mean?  You can download the software and set up your own server.  Also, Laconi servers can talk to other Laconi servers.   I mean, that’s kinda the whole idea behind the web, isn’t it?

Till another better, more free alternative to Twitter pops up, you’ll be hearing me talk a lot about Identi, so get used to it.

Don’t feel like downloading Laconi and setting it up?  Then just go to Identi.ca and and open a free account.   Don’t want to leave your Twitter followers high and dry?  Well, you can have your Identi.ca account update your Twitter account, automatically…  while you migrate.

Sorry about that… I just get pretty excited when people share through open source.


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