Robotic Defenses

Currently looking at the latest robotic tech demo from Boston Dynamics (now owned by Google).

Remembering the classic film, “Runaway”, with Tom Selleck.

Plan to fend those buggers off with my own micro-robots using some open source technologies, like PIXY.

Make my own little spiders.

Maybe fool the gait recognition using some of the techniques outlines Doctorow’s book, “Little Brother”.

Speaking of which, CITIZENFOUR is a must-see documentary on Snowden.

Thx to Bobcat for the reminder.

The Passion Declaration – 10 Years Later

Inspired by this talk by Ken Robinson (thx Mo), I looked back to a forum post I made a few years back, where I made my public declaration to follow my passion. I’ve copied/pasted my original forum post at the end of this article, unedited (though corrected distracting spelling mistakes). I apologize to my father, for being harsh… but that’s how I felt, at the time. Although I think that my desire to win my father’s approval gave me quite a bit of fuel.

Around the time I created the following post, I drew this sketch, at my desk, while working at K-Mart headquarters. I was just doodling, passing time, not really realizing what I was doing till I was finished. In the image, I saw myself, adding all these technical robotic components to my body, trying to fit into the machine… including a more uncomfortable version of the classic Wedlock collar. I sketched a door in my chest, to access my heart, with “Close when done.” written on the inside panel. Trying to conform, but couldn’t, and the other machines didn’t even want me around.

Two years later, the sketch acted as the foundation for my first large 3D animation project. This indie project became my first 3D demo reel (2004), which landed me my first job at an animation studio in Vancouver.

8 years working in IT in Michigan, plus another 8 years working in film, TV and video games in Vancouver… and now what? That’s another story entirely, that’s in the middle of unfolding.

Ok… so here’s the post that I made 10 years ago. As it turns out, it was 10 years ago, this month (April 3rd, 2002 – to be exact)!!


posted 04-03-2002 07:27 AM #1

Question New Job…. New Career…. New Life *first post*

I’ve seen quite a few threads like the one I’m about to create, but I never had the motivation to create my own, and share my thoughts and feeling about something that means so much to me. This will be a pretty long one, as it requires a little background, so bare with me. 

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Clockwork Dolls That Can Paint

For hundreds of years, the Japanese have been making mechanical puppets called Karakuri ningyō. In this short documentary, you can see little clockwork dolls performing back-flips, painting calligraphy and shooting with a bow and arrow.

[via William Gibson’s twitter feed]

Little Dog Military Robot

With every iteration, these robot drones are getting creepier and creepier. Yes, this thing is real and not a movie prop. It’s the procedurally driven animation that procedurally drives me to link to it in this blog.

If you haven’t already seen the video for the “Big Dog”, here’s a link to the video.

Integrated with some flocking technology, these little buggers would gain some more points to creepy factor.

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