All-Nighter On VFX Shots : Time-Lapse

A few years back, while working on shots for Killer Mountain, I set up my Nikon in order to capture the last 18 hours of my self-induced crunch time.

The last half of the video looks much better, as corrected my camera settings.  You might even be able to make out some of the shots.

Youtube’s Got Variable Playback Speed?

You can play at normal, double, 1.5, 1/2 or 1/4 speed.  No joke.  Check this link and see if it works for you.

But now that I’ve shared the link, the feature isn’t there anymore. WTF?  Ok, I’m doing a video screen capture while this is still up. This is a pretty cool feature and a VERY cool feature for those that like to dissect visual effects in film OR for all the animators who are studying animation. Dear Vimeo, take note.


The Speed option is back again. It’s probably because I was jumping between browsers. I don’t see it in Firefox, but I do see it in Chrome (Chromium). I really am digging this (obviously).  It seems that it’s an HTML5 feature that you have to opt in to.

BLU’s MUTO – Graffiti Animation

Graffiti animation? In Buenos Aires, BLU has drawn… painted… I mean this achievement is… I… I cannot begin to imagine the amount of work required to pull this off… I just… I’m speechless.

Just watch the video already.

More info on BLU’s other work can be found here.

Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Strong

Daft Bodies – Harder Better Faster Stronger

Groovy Dancing Girl

The Liam Show

I’m sure you’ve seen “shoes”. If not, please do so on Youtube or Liam’s home site. Too bad he pulled those good quality Quicktimes off his site. Youtube’s not so pretty, nor are the beats as funky sounding, but it’s all you got now.

Where did the inspiration of “shoes” come from? According to this interview:

I was at a party once talking to a girl about our expensive vices, mine being making short films all the time, hers being shoes. “These shoes were three hundred dollars,” she said. “I got them anyway because I wanted them.” That stuck with me.”

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