A few days ago my roomate and I were talking about World of Goo.  Last night, he booted up his Mac, while I tried to figure out how to get it running on Linux.

This morning I found that 2D Boy had my install files still available on their website (score!!). Within minutes, I was creating towers of goo using my Wacom tablet. Yes, this game is super tablet friendly under Mac and Windows. Though a little glitchy under Linux (probably due to the resolution change), it can be done with a Wacom.

Today I took a look at the 2D Boy blog and discovered that, in a few days, World of Goo will be available for Android! OOoooh boy.  So for about $5 ($15 less than the current PC download price), I will have another time-waster on my Galaxy Tab? This game was born for touchscreen, and on November 28th, all shall be right in the world.

World of Goo was created during a rapid prototyping session at Carnegie Mellon. Details of this development cycle are here on Gamasutra.