Spring Engine : Open Source RTS Game

Just played some Planetary Annihilation and it’s pretty…  but when it comes to an RTS, I’m looking for smart controls…   and that pretty game didn’t cut it.

If you haven’t heard of Spring Engine, I recommend watching this feature video and you’ll start to see what we’re talking about when we say “smart controls”.



Was inspired but some recorded matches of Spring RTS, an open source real-time strategy game, so I recorded a big match that I played versus an AI opponent.  Wanna play?  Well Spring is free, so go download it (or just grab it from the Ubuntu Software Centre).

I will be performing some screen captures on Linux in the future (video tutorials of a 3D animation package), so I wanted to find optimal methods for recording 3D at full HD (1080p).

Settings for recordMyDesktop on Ubuntu 12:10 using Gnome 3:
Video Quality 100
Frames Per Second 30
Encode on Fly: OFF
Zero Compression: ON
Quick Subsampling: OFF
Full shots at very frame: ON

Game was running at 10x speed, and I then doubled it again in my video editor, OpenShot (open source video editor).

DJ mix is by meshdiggity on SoundCloud.

*note:  Remember to switch to HD 1080p!  Make those little dots nice and crisp.

Burning Man Alternatives?

Can you really replace the salt flats, or the stationary art, or the mutant vehicles?  I’m really not sure, but certain variables have me considering alternatives to this…   alternative culture event. Last year was the first time Burning Man has sold out, which has had the organizers implementing a lottery system, which means that not everyone who wants to go, will get to go. I think this video summarizes most of my feelings pretty well.

A new friend of mine, that I met at a Decompression party here in Toronto mentioned Boom Festival in Portugal.

I was just told about the Lightning in a Bottle music festival in California, around May.

The Rainbow Gathering(s) which occur all over the world.

Another festiva-…er… “republic” that I have come across (thx Mackenzie) is called Kazantip and is apparently the largest rave in eastern Europe.

WHOAH… ok, that was NOT work-safe viewing. Also, not sure how comfortable I would be partying it up with a bunch of Russian mobsters.

There’s also Shambala, Ibiza, Movement in Detroit, the Winter Music Conference in Florida and others (that I’m either forgetting or haven’t yet discovered). However, I don’t expect to find anything that will compare to dancing on a two-story pirate ship while visiting 30+ foot sculptures in the desert. Though music can be a large factor in these festivals, there’s also something quite amazing about the absolutely silent locations you can find on the playa at Burning Man.

Oh boy… what to do. :\

Trentemoller Live on KCRW

Watching Trentemoller right now on KCRW. I will not miss him the next time he’s in town.

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