Syd Mead

After attending Syd Mead’s talk hosted by the Vancouver chapter of Siggraph, I have a new respect for the designer’s vision. The level of depth in his paintings becomes greater as the stories behind each work is revealed. From hand held rings where users can dial their euphoria, to time travel for the lower class.

Here’s the interview from Boing Boing TV.

* Part 1

Part 2 link

Part 3 link

REPO! The Genetic Opera

“New spine? No problem. Late payments? Problem.”

A bloody opera from the creator of SAW II? Starring Paris Hilton & Paul Sorvino? Uh Mah Gawd. Truely a morbid curiosity.

The Sigularity: Documentary Human 2.0

One day movies and video games will meet in the middle, just as the boundaries between brains minds and machines will fade. Of course, this assumes we don’t blow ourselves up and out into space.

Human 2.0 Documentary (48 minutes)

Wired magazine’s articl on Ray Kurzweil was an informative article on the singularity. Specifically the section entitled “Never Mind the Singularity, Here’s the Science” did a pretty good job in discussing the possibilities and also the unlikelihood that we will see a real-life Ghost In the Shell anytime during our lifetimes. I keep hearing that I need to ready some Vernor Vinge very soon.

Thanks again to Planet Damage for the video link.

Ghost in the Shell 2

Nope, it’s not a sequal, but a digital update of the original release. Does that mean there’s no more green holographic images? Well, according to these screenshots, it seems so. And all this time I thought they wanted it it to look retro. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the upgrades. The only question is, “Do I need to own two copies of the same movie?” Maybe… maybe.

Checkout the 2.0 trailer below.

In other GITS news, I broke down and picked up this little beauty. She sits next to Walter on my desk at home. Also started watching the Stand Alone Complex episodes. Though obviously not the quality of the films, they do a good job of providing me with my Ghost in the Shell fix.

Thanks to Planet Damage, a pretty killer cyberpunkish blog.

TRON in Stop Motion on Dailymotion!

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