I recently picked up some used PC games off of a guy on Craig’s List. It was a good deal and I’m looking forward to playing some games that won’t have me thinking “Gee, maybe I should upgrade soon.” The list includes: Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich, Gangland, Mafia, Rainbow 6: Ravenshield, Deus Ex, Ground Control II, Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines, Spellforce 2, etc, etc, etc. Lots of good stuff. Ok, so they’re probably not “old” by some gamer’s standings, but they’re certainly not cutting edge. I guess the really old stuff required DosBox.

I installed one of the unfamiliar games yesterday. Although the interface was pretty clunky, by today’s standards, there was still quite a bit of innovation to take note of. Like steering a character as your run around, but the moment you let go of the arrow keys, the mouse cursor becomes a floating hand to manipulate objects in the environment. Perfect for an RPG.

In any case, you can expect me to post some more findings as I shovel through these games.

Thanks to Troy for the hook up and the recommendation of King’s Bounty.