GMail Unavailable

This will probably be over by the time I publish this posting, but had to drop this image online as a reminder to others, and myself.

Nothing is secure.

Make a Plan B (or C) and have 2 sets of backups. One backup isn’t enough, because if the process fails, you loose both the original data and the backup. If you have 2 sets, then you’ll still have your untouched backup. My verbal007.com email account is still working and luckily I recently started using a local client so I have local backups of my emails AND so that I didn’t rely on Google for everything. My dependency was getting ridiculous.

Trusting “Trusted Computing”

Simple little short that does a good job of explaining the abuse of the term “Trusted Computing”. We tend to pay more attention when there’s a slick presentation.

Paranoia: While you sleep

The Quantum SleeperDon’t want aliens, zombies or terrorists disturbing your rest? Well have no fear! The Quantum Sleeper is here to the rescue!

How paranoid are we are all becoming? At first sight I thought it was a joke and it is…

…isn’t it?

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