Detroit’s Lookin’ Good

A visit to a friend in the Fisher building, followed by a walk up Woodward to the Detroit Public Library.

Of all the libraries I’ve visited, this is my favorite. History with some some welcome upgrades.

The Raffle Results Are Coming In


This year I haven’t yet made my attempt for tickets., but it sounds like 40,000 of the 50,000 are already gone. More go on sale soon, but I already know many burners who have been denied. I wonder just how many people registered for tickets.

It’s strange to think that I may not see this again, for awhile… though I am hopeful this will cause Burning Man to spread outside the playa. Following some of my burner friends on Facebook, it appears that a large percentage (almost half??) have been told they will not be getting tickets from the raffle. My heart goes out to all of them. I attended the last two years, but I have a hard time imaging how this is effecting the veterans who have been going for years (for some, decades). One burner brought up the fact that many camps are also reporting losses in numbers, which will effect their art projects. Oh boy… change is a scary thing.  There’s gotta be irony in there somewhere. No?

On the flip side, there will be SOOO many happy virgins that get to experience the playa for the first time (assuming there’s enough veteran burners to host an experience) . Very curious to see the media buzz during and after this year’s burn.

Take a deep breath, Jer. It will be ok.


And if you haven’t seen it already, Trey Ratcliff’s photo gallery captures the burn perfectly (and it was probably a strong factor in so many registering for the ticket raffle).

Dan’s Paris Photos

Dan Laczkowski returned from Paris, France with a large collection of beautiful photos. I’ve seen many photos from Paris, but there’s quite a few shots in here that capture elements that I have never seen. His gallery has many many more photos here.

The push to tour Europe has gotten even stronger, if that’s possible.

My Photos in Pummelvision

Last night I set up Pummelvision to scour my Facebook and Flickr photos to create these two video presentations. I set it up to go through my videos “very fast” which is 8 photos every second which matched the default soundtrack nicely. Pretty neat, eh? Apparently they’re taking the site down on January 24th, so if you want to make your own collection, you better act quickly.

First Visit to Niagra Falls

Living in the Midwest for so many years, yet I never visited Niagara Falls. A few weeks back, this changed. It was pretty cold and rainy, though this didn’t take much away from the spectacle, besides my camera getting dangerously wet.

Here’s a link to entire photo album.


Ontario Skies

After a wonderful night of dancing, we woke up at 8am to a thunderstorm. The dark skies motivated me to grab some more colorful moody sky pictures and put them up on Flickr. All three photos taken from a moving vehicle.

Milton Clouds

Toronto's Red Sky

Toronoto Galaxy Sky

Fenwick Watershed

The area that I am currently staying is a part of the Fenwick watershed, where all the water flows downhill to Lake Fenwick.  Yesterday I took advantage of the incredible weather and went for a short drive. The park is larger than I expected, and I didn’t get to see all of it…  but I will return!

Both the pictures were taken using my left eye (I am usually a righty), which seemed to help me frame the shots a little better than usual.

On a side note…  I think I’m being stalked by a squirrel.

Cecilia’s Fall Coffee

Made a promise to myself that I’d post SOMETHING on here, at least once a day.

Today was a pleasant day at the studio, working on different things and doing my best to kill two birds with one stone.  After I got home, I played around with Linux and Houdini a bit, then snagged all the pics from my trip to Michigan (of which I’ll have to talk more of later).

Finally, here’s a comforting pic that Cecilia took a few months back when Travis and Vic were visiting us in Van.

Macro Photography Never Felt So Alien

photo by Lasius Vlavius

photo by Leon Baas

Why must they show me what I cannot do with my camera.  What makes it worse, is how well they do it.  More of these incredible photos can be found on Smashing Magazine.

Welcome to planet earth.

Thanks Dan L. for this one!

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