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Oculus Rift + Kinect – Audio visual instrument a001 from Ethno Tekh on Vimeo.

Flailing to create music. What more can I say?

Two Acre Shaker

Two Acre Shaker - morning after

Just read this summary of the Two Acre Shaker party we were at on Saturday night.  Was a great party, despite all the hurdles listed, which included us getting there late (11pm).  DJ Woody is one hell of a turntablist.

We had lightning, we had fire, we had a full power outage that stretched all the way to Whistler, and we had the worst plague of mosquitos that the locals had seen in over a decade. A Llamapocalypse was truly upon us! I haven’t seen that much drama since Degrassi Junior High went off the air, and I’m just happy that we all made it through unscathed – hangovers notwithstanding.

For quite a few reasons, I will probably never forget this night.

Novation Music Controllers

I hear that combined with Ableton, the Novation Launchpad is killer.

Searching around for prices, I noticed that Novation also has a DJ controller coming out called Twitch. This device includes a touch strip, instead of the plastic discs we typically see on these kinds of controllers. This controller uses Serato’s ITCH software via USB and can also connect via MIDI.

Vestax VCI-300 DJ Controller

Vestax’s new USB DJ controller uses Serato’s “ITCH” for some pretty impressive results. It also looks like an updated VCI-300MKII model has been released. I must get my hands on one… at least to try.

A big concern with more sensitive electronic equipment, is finding the safest way to carry it around. Mostly, looking for something that will help protect the digital knobs. On this Serato forum thread, someone points out this German company (Magma-Bags) that makes carrying bags. Specifically, the DIGI Control-Bag 300 is demoed with the VCI-300.

However, I’ve been thinking about purchasing a piece of foam and just laying the foam on top and slipping it into a large sleeve.  This keeps it more modular, and I could bring the the device alone or slip it into a larger back with my laptop.

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