Syd Mead

After attending Syd Mead’s talk hosted by the Vancouver chapter of Siggraph, I have a new respect for the designer’s vision. The level of depth in his paintings becomes greater as the stories behind each work is revealed. From hand held rings where users can dial their euphoria, to time travel for the lower class.

Here’s the interview from Boing Boing TV.

* Part 1

Part 2 link

Part 3 link

Food Fight by Stefan Nadelman

I’ve seen Stefan’s work in miscellaneous places, but Food Fight takes the cake. BoingBoing’s version of Food Fight adds some subtitles to identify the events being portrayed (for those of us that need to brush up on our history). After watching Food Fight, I immediately sought out some of his other work and was happy to come across his website Tourist Pictures. At the very least, take a look at his 2007 Reel to see some samples of his other work and to get a good feel for his style of motion graphics. It looks great and he can convey some pretty complex ideas with minimal work (at least compared to 3D). If I had a “Where Words Fail Us” award, he’d get one.

I Met the Walrus

I Met the Walrus is a wonderfully animated interview with John Lennon. When Jerry Livitan was 14 years old, he tracked down Lennon and interviewed him in his Toronto hotel room, almost 40 years ago.

Youtube also has a high quality version.

Paint Over Critiques w/ Steven Stahlberg

Animated gif

Steven Stahlberg’s paintover thread on CGTalk. Tons of pages here for me to checkout yet. Comparisons are definitely teaching me a trick or two about lighting. He’s really making the characters pop out.

Starting on page 11, he started using animated GIFs in order to more clearly show the before and after shots.

Randy Pausch – Last Lecture, Time Management and “Alice”

One day I’ll have to take the time to type out my thoughts on Randy Pausch. The inspiration that this video provided me is priceless.

Randy also has a great talk on time management.

Carlos Baena Interview

Carlos has been animating for 8 years now and most animators are familiar with his work. CGTalk has an “Meet the Artist” thread where he’s doing a little Q&A. I find his responses quite inspiring and would recommend checking it out.

CGTalk’s Meet the Artist

Unfortunately it looks like his Fingerboarder site is down. Was an entertaining vid that you might be able to track down… somewhere.

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