A Child’s Mind

Photography of an Autistic Child

Actress from TV’s “Blossom” has two boys and does not use conventional methods to teach them politeness, sharing, etc.

Another source worth reading is the book Einstein Never Used Flashcards“.

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

If you enjoyed that, I highly recommend watching his TED talk, which has some a wonderful tale of a misunderstood artist who has become enormously successful, and demonstrates his sense of humor. Feeling impatient? Then skip to 15:00 on the TED Talk.

Thanks to Rick Jayx for reminding me of Ken Robinson.

Lego Animations

I really have to find out what the little Lego USB camera playsets are called. What better way to get children creating creative content? Working with physical objects, so you’re not trapped behind a computer. Learning about animation, story telling and communication. Lego sets allow you to make almost anything you can think of.

There’s also Spiderman w/ The Peril of Doc Ock (alt ending).

Or maybe some Indiana Solo?

This entry was inspired by this Swedish Playmobil animation.  Thanks Cecilia.

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