I’d have to say that X-COM is my favourite turn-based strategy game. Played the crap out of this game, even despite how difficult and time-consuming it was.

A few months ago, when I realized that the remake was released… AND in the classic turn-based tactical style, instead of the silly FPS version that was planned. Picked it up almost instantly (after approval from my partner, of course).

I’ll spare my long review of it, so just go play it.  Go out and try XCOM: Enemy Unknown…  right now.

Browsing the web, I found a few links to some solid strategy tips for those that are attempting to play the game on “Classic” difficulty.



Besides the links, there’s also this PCGamer video that does a great job. Chis talks about playing the game in Ironman mode where the game controls your single saved game.  No retries. Consequences are permanent.