Folder & File Structure Visualization

You may have realized that I’m primarily a Linux user, but this post is for anyone managing files on a Windows computer or server.

I have used SequoiaView for managing file space on Windows servers for almost a decade. This tool allows you to visualize your disk usage by creating boxes that represent files and folders.  The larger the box, the bigger the file.  Colors represent the different file types and can be customized.

If you’re wondering where all your drive space went, this is a priceless tool.

That being said, I’ve been stuck on this tool for years and it was time to see what other tools have become available.  Well, I was happy to find an open source alternative that is properly named Windows Directory Statistics (on SourceForge).

Here’s a usage example.


I ran this on my laptop’s Windows partition (dual boot), and saw this massive file taking up WAAAAY too much room.  Selecting the large blue block, I saw that it’s called hyberfil.sys. A quick online search revealed this to be the file that Windows uses when it’s put into Hybernate mode…   which I never use (sparing my SSD the overuse). The online search also revealed a solution on How-To-Geek.

As an administrator, I ran the following command:

powercfg -h off

… and now I’ve got 12GB back!


Have fun managing those videos, MP3s and game installation folders.

Connecting Ubuntu to Windows Network Share

Recently started sharing some files on a Windows 7 computer using Shares. Turned off the wizards and other dummified options and used an Administrator group in order to assign my local Windows account permissions to access the Share remotely. This wasn’t working, and it turns out, I needed to add the account name itself and could not use a permissions group. This worked… but, for some unknown reason, the share was no longer accessible after a reboot.

Next issue I had was producing a listing error when trying to use Nautilus to see the files on the share. I then tried using some terminal commands but was receiving a “Mount.cifs cannot allocate memory mounting Windows share” message. These Windows registry edits might have solved the issue I was having… or perhaps it was the samba updates that helped?

Windows 8 – Effective Visual Communication?


Seems that Windows 8 has a bit too much of the classic Microsoft inconsistency problem.  I will be avoiding it.

Glad I’ve been putting so much energy in to Linux (Ubuntu) lately.  2 years as my primary OS and will not be going back anytime soon.  The best part is, this is MY operating system.  It’s free and open. I breath easier.

Windows 8: The Animated Evaluation” by Brian Boyko has more details.

MyPaint – Free and Under 10MB

Don’t be thinking that this application is a toy because… well.. it is a toy, but a very powerful one.
Download MyPaint (8.5MB) now, for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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