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Ricardo Semler on TED

Ricardo Semler has inspired his business-minded fans into looking at their work in different way, particularly when it comes to democracy, management and the release of control.

Ricardo also believes that the most powerful way to create a successful democracy is by keeping the finance books open.  Yes, that includes salaries. Everyone can see your salary and you can see theirs. Prioritizing is difficult, if not impossible to do accurately, without having access to this kind of information.

If you are not familiar with Semco and would like to hear one hell of a business story, I highly recommend his book Maverick.

I love this man.

Efficient Cooking

I’ve been noticing more and more stoves with these new “radiant elements”, where the heating coil is embedded into the counter top, under a piece of glass, and wondering how efficient they are.  Are they more or less efficient than a standard heating element?  How about compared to gas?  What about when I’m boiling water, is it better to use an electric kettle where the heating element is right in the water itself.

These thoughts get fueled even more when I see inventions like the BioLite.

This is the old video that I saw two years ago, but it best demonstrates how this little efficient $129 camping stove works.

Now that you’ve seen that, you should see how you can now charge USB devices (camp with your phone often?). They also have larger scale models in Africa.

Next, we need to tackle this water problem. Oh! Wait! It looks like these water filters could help with that issue.

Copyright Math Baffles String Theorists

Hilariously brilliant presentation on the major flaws in the calculated statistics presented by the motion picture industry.

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

If you enjoyed that, I highly recommend watching his TED talk, which has some a wonderful tale of a misunderstood artist who has become enormously successful, and demonstrates his sense of humor. Feeling impatient? Then skip to 15:00 on the TED Talk.

Thanks to Rick Jayx for reminding me of Ken Robinson.

Aaron Koblin’s Data Visualization TED Talk

I recognize Aaron’s flight patterns work, but I love seeing some of his collaborative works. The Johnny Cash project and the The Wilderness Downtown are impressive. My eyes have been opened a little more to the unlimited possibilities. Note: I had trouble getting The Wilderness Downtown working in Firefox, but it worked fine in Google Chrome. It will open multiple windows, so be warned… but there’s nothing to fear. Is the interface really the message?

Music Video Collaboration

A friend of mine recently posted this Ted Talk video of Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir of 2,000 voices. The beginning of the first song presented sent chills up my spine. I find it eerie and beautiful how there can be so many voices, singing in unison, yet none of them have ever met face-to-face (for the most part).

Click here for the uncut version of the choir (1.0).

It reminded me of these two other videos.

The first video contains clips that were hand picked from Youtube, and put together into a melody.

This music video doesn’t contain musical collaboration like the previous two videos, but the clever use of video (Brady Bunch style) pushed me to mention it here. Similar enough for me!

Dear internet, you truly are an endless glass of liquid potential.

Dancing With No Guidelines

Thanks to Jin Lemon for that link.

In a semi-related link, here’s a Ted Talk by Ken Robinson. Specifically, I was intrigued by his story of the girl who “…had to move to think.”

Ted Talk on Motivation

Does dangling the carrot really help motivation? NO.

[thx Dan Lyle]

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