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Ghost in the Shell 2

Nope, it’s not a sequal, but a digital update of the original release. Does that mean there’s no more green holographic images? Well, according to these screenshots, it seems so. And all this time I thought they wanted it it to look retro. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the upgrades. The only question is, “Do I need to own two copies of the same movie?” Maybe… maybe.

Checkout the 2.0 trailer below.

In other GITS news, I broke down and picked up this little beauty. She sits next to Walter on my desk at home. Also started watching the Stand Alone Complex episodes. Though obviously not the quality of the films, they do a good job of providing me with my Ghost in the Shell fix.

Thanks to Planet Damage, a pretty killer cyberpunkish blog.

Rigging Wizard – Masaki Togashi

Claus, a very talented and technical animator friend of mine and I were talking of the recent events in the company. We were talking about some key things that can really set most rigs apart from the standard. This includes custom icons (locators) instead of just NURBS curves, or broken hierarchies which make it easier to post character silhouettes to camera.

He told me that his favorite rigger was a Masaki Togashi. I looked him up and apparently he was the sole rigger on Ghost in the Shell 2. I guess the guy really knew his stuff, though other riggers found him difficult to work with. A “my way or the highway” approach. In his defense, I can understand what it’s like what you try and go outside the normal boundaries in order to make innovations. Hope to meet the guy one day.

Cosplay Heroines

At the very least, you have to appreciate the Ghost in the Shell paint job. Came across this while searching for the discontinued Motoko PVC figure. From here, I also ran into the Cortana photos. If only they airbrushed a nice glowing effect.

More Major Motoko Kusanagi photos @ GirsEntertainmentNetwork.com

Halo’s Cortana photos @ GirsEntertainmentNetwork.com


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