Creating Gollum

The Lord of the Rings – Extended Edition DVDs have a great section called “The Taming of Smeagol”, where they talk of the process used to create Gollums 3D character. Includes modeling, motion capture, rigging and animation.

If you don’t have the DVDs, these two videos cover much of the material… maybe all… or more!  Can’t remember.  There’s a bit of overlap between the two linked videos, but if you enjoy one, you’ll find both interesting.

Blender – Muscle System

This video demonstrates a relatively simple muscle system that does not rely on blend/tweening shapes in order to correct for the collapsing volumes that are common with most skinning solutions.

For an idea of how this works, you can download from blendswap.com.

Can You Read My Eyes?

TentativeArrogantGratefulSarcasticNew York Times just posted an emotion test on their website. There are dozens of images of sets of eyes and you are asked to pick one of four emotion options.  At the end you get a score. Find out just how much emotion the windows the the soul reveal.


Emily is Not Real

Believe it or not, she is not real.  I recommend going to Youtube and clicking the “Watch in High Quality” link.  Image Metrics Tech Demo is showing that we’re getting closer to “bridging the gap uncanny valley.  For once it’s spooky because it’s so close to real, not spooky because it looks like animated plastic.  Of course, you can still tell…   after the second viewing.  😉

More info @ Creative Cows, Times Online & a video interview w/ Image Metrics on VideoSift.

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