I started to walk home from the studio down the street, but heard music from the gym at the corner.

Through the window I saw costumed heroes playing dodge-ball? It was Ace (mascot for Toronto Blue Jays). I left and came back with my camera. Nothing like filming, as your camera gets hit by a ball… at 60 frames per second. I took many photos of his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and banana birthday cake, which was arguably one of the best birthday cakes I have ever had. Serious “yum”, especially when followed up by shots of vodka and pineapple.

The 5 hour super-hero dodge-ball event has comes to a conclusion at 1am. With a smile on my face, I walk home and within a minute, I run into a guy that is looking for… a “house” party. I’m talking about a “house music” party… in a loft, less than 1 block away.

1:45, walking into the party I run into (for the first time outside the tea shop) Marco and Juan, the owners of the establishment that I spend over a dozen hours a week at. The $20 cover charge is immediately waved.

I just got home.

Big thanks to Ace, Jason, Juan, Marco and Michael for unintentionally setting up an epic evening.

I am somewhere between Yes Man and Number 23.

Btw… Ace sent me a link to the video of his recent wedding proposal. Now THIS is how it’s done.