Animusic 2 – 3D Animated Music

Many remember the 3D animated instruments from Animusic, that were showcased on the Mind’s Eye DVDs produced by Sony.  Due to my renewed interest in 3D animation triggered by audio, I went to see what they’ve been upto recently.

It looks like they’ve been keeping themselves busy. They’ve released the Animusic 2 DVD and are working on an Animusic 3, which is going to utilize Pixar’s Renderman.

Make sure and go to Animusic.com to download 2 HD video samples.

Movin smoothly on crutches

I think it was Cirque du Soleil that introduced me to this acrobatic style, but this guy makes it…   well… smooth.

A New Era for the Video DJ

CHOPS baby

Andrew Lowell Productions just released an ebook entitled, Simultaneous Music, Animation, and Sound with Houdini. At $29.95, I picked it up immediately! His goal is to share his discoveries in order spark more interest in this area, and the reasonable price reflects this goal.  Big props to the author for a great price that will certainly help spread this wonderful info!

Skimming through the book, it’s packed with text and screenshots that contain paint-overs that should help to avoid any confusion. The package also includes a few hundred megabytes of example files to work from. I recommend checking out his quicktime demo where he gives some samples of the contents, broken down by chapter.

For months I’ve been meaning to dig around in Houdini’s CHOPS (Channel Operators) for this exact thing. Knowing that I now have a guide to lead me through the beginning hurdles, well… I’m more eager than ever to begin my personal project. This really did come at just the right time.

REPO! The Genetic Opera

“New spine? No problem. Late payments? Problem.”

A bloody opera from the creator of SAW II? Starring Paris Hilton & Paul Sorvino? Uh Mah Gawd. Truely a morbid curiosity.


A new way to enjoy your vast collection of MP3 music. The game will let you select an mp3 and then it will proceed to analyze the track and create you an F-Zero style track to bounce around on as you collect and match blocks that appear in time with the music.

Musical innovative goodness, and at $9.95 for a full version of the game, how can you go wrong?

Download the demo or watch the YouTube clip w/ Mr. Blue Sky.

I Met the Walrus

I Met the Walrus is a wonderfully animated interview with John Lennon. When Jerry Livitan was 14 years old, he tracked down Lennon and interviewed him in his Toronto hotel room, almost 40 years ago.

Youtube also has a high quality version.

Radiohead – House of Cards

“Geometric Informatics scanning systems produce structured light to capture 3D images at close proximity, while a Velodyne Lidar system that uses multiple lasers is used to capture large environments such as landscapes.”

The making of this video can be found here. Thanks goes to Simon and Dan for this one.

Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Strong

Daft Bodies – Harder Better Faster Stronger

Groovy Dancing Girl

The Liam Show

I’m sure you’ve seen “shoes”. If not, please do so on Youtube or Liam’s home site. Too bad he pulled those good quality Quicktimes off his site. Youtube’s not so pretty, nor are the beats as funky sounding, but it’s all you got now.

Where did the inspiration of “shoes” come from? According to this interview:

I was at a party once talking to a girl about our expensive vices, mine being making short films all the time, hers being shoes. “These shoes were three hundred dollars,” she said. “I got them anyway because I wanted them.” That stuck with me.”

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