• Bouncing at my desk, whilst coding, due to tunes featured in this minimal mix by @ewerx. It's stuck on repeat. http://t.co/TtV01qwy #
  • Japanese artist creates massive mazes of salt to honor sister's death. – http://t.co/FfvV5TAi #
  • “Disappointment—sometimes years and years of it—is the price we pay to do powerful creative work.
    http://t.co/IVzxmddQ” (via @scottlondon) #
  • Wacom Intuos5 w/ multi-touch. It's not just the product presentations that makes them industry leaders. http://t.co/HpetjfJs #
  • "There is no intuitive interface, not even the nipple. It's all learned.." – Bruce Ediger #quote #
  • Free / Open Source alternatives? Here's a list of 20 popular applications. Using half of these almost daily. http://t.co/4ilEdQuB #
  • Scribble some doodles in Flash: http://t.co/mgGM3nS6 #
  • MyPaint – Who'd expect free and <10MB to be so powerful and responsive. My Cintiq hasn't seen this much use in a while. http://t.co/NppZ8cKW #