I just completed Week 1 in downtown Toronto. All these years of loving this city, yet this is the first time I’ve actually stayed her for an extended period. No more 4 hour drives to just party on the weekend. Instead, I can visit nearly all my friends via a 15 minute ride on transit. My place is small…  “tiny” actually, but it’s starting to grow on me.  I’ve never lived in such a small space before, which is proposing challenges to me.  So far, so good. I can now truly appreciate Apartment Therapy. I also now have my workstation built.  It feels good to again be using Linux.  I suppose it must sound crazy for a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer to say that he’s happy to be using Linux. Just consider it an educated decision. Won’t be getting any work using open source software, any-time soon, but I’m on break and building new skills. Been loving this time off.

They say that Parkdale is the creative hub of Canada (at least, “one of”). Last week I ran into a mixer right in the middle of Liberty Village. I met a few people in marketing, animation and information technology. Areas I’m familiar with, so there was much to talk about. I feel like I’m following the right path and I find it funny how everything fell into place. Not interested in “work”, but it was good to connect with a familiar vibe.

A few weeks back I brought my camera out and took some footage in High Park, and here’s one of the highlights.  One squirrel chasing around another squirrel, with a cameo appearance by a bird.  These little guys feel a little bigger when running around in slow motion, but their personality really shines through.

Unfortunately, I decided against doing my own voice-over.  Next time, I promise.