Weekly Digest

Weekly Digest

  • Give her your strength and she'll give you her softness. 2014-07-09
  • Animation Paper for $20 ($69 for mac). Animation, gesture drawing practice, doodles. #indiegogo ends this month. 2014-07-07
  • Batman: Arkham City is… wow. Some serious character math going on here. Action blending like I'm a viewer… yet feel like a participant. 2014-07-05
  • I went through this a few months back. My Google+ is still linked with Youtube. https://t.co/G9iM78G69D 2014-07-05

Seeing/Making Spaces

Having a maker’s space within walking distance, I consider myself very fortunate as I didn’t know it was there till I moved in to my house. Though, I won’t consider myself “lucky”, as we chose this area specifically for reasons like that (it’s also next door to a meadery).

What’s a “maker’s space”? Well then you have yet another reason to watch the following talk. Thx Voigt!

Seeing Spaces from Bret Victor on Vimeo.

Education via Humor

This is applicable beyond Net Neutrality… and it’s hilarious.

Tesla, an inventor with zero business sense. Surprised they didn’t mention Edison’s love for doing live demonstrations of cooking animals with AC current.

Weekly Digest

Re-Learning Mathematics

This collection grows with time, so come back to check it out sometime in the future. If it stays quite for too long, ping me and let me know!

New 3D animation techniques have me revisiting mathematics. In my math book research, I found this information below to be particularly interesting and/or useful.

Perspective! by David Chelsea
Why not start with a bit of inspiration first? Would you be inspired to know that you can learn to draw environments like a professional comic book artist… while also forming questions as to why all these proportions line up almost magically.

Precalculus Mathemetics in a Nutshell by George F. Simmons
AH! It looks like a text book!! Don’t worry, it’s actually tiny, at about 100 pages. The author teaches calculus and states that he teaches precalculus (algebra, geometry and trigonometry) in a single day. It will take most of us longer than that… but this information gives a great grounding position to pounce off from.

The Secrets of Triangles by Alfred S. Posamentier
I’ve only read a few sections, but this appears to be a great place to start for those that want to understand points in space and their relations to each other.

Measurement by Paul Lockhart
It’s all about the relationships. Want to play with some math without writing letters or numbers? Start here.

Euclid’s Window by Leonard Mlodinow¬† (haven’t read yet, but I kept encountering it while looking at the books above).

For the 3D animation programmer out there, you have quite a few to select from and I will have to take some time in the future listening those out, as well.

For the person who hates math, I recommend checking this list out, as it may help you understand where math becomes beautiful.

Anatomy Trains

facial maridians

I have been a yoga practitioner since 2009 (though not as often as I should). I started because of injuries on my arm aquired while working on a computer. I found this book very helpful in translating the spiritual abstracts of our bodies into recognizable physical muscle patterns that we can trace from head to toe. Meridians are measurable!


Weekly Digest

Weekly Digest

Vim Colors

First thing to do if I’m going to use Vim as my default text editor, is to get the colors looking good.

First, I’ve downloaed a theme (for example distinguished.vim) and placed it in my newly created ~/.vim/colors folder.

Next, I created a ~/.vimrc file and entered the following contents:

syntax on
colorscheme distinguished
set t_Co=256

Finally, if I type in tput colors into a terminal window, it tells me I have 8 colors. Even though my themes still appear to work in Vim, an error gets reported upon opening Vim.

To fix this error, I’ve edited my ~/.bashrc file and entered the following line.

export TERM=xterm-256color

Now tput colors reports 256 colors and Vim no longer reports an error when automatically loading my distinguished.vim file.

For those looking for a new Vim color theme, here’s a good place to look and another list of 10 good ones via VimNinjas.

I must admit though… colors still seem to be a bit wacky for me, as they don’t match the theme examples listed on the web page.

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