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Weekly Digest

Weekly Digest

Unexpected Meetup in Merrakesh


Recalling memories of my 3 years of synchronistic flow that took place roughly between 2009 and 2012. There are many threads I have shared verbally, though I usually focus on the strongest “impossibility” stories. In going through photographs, I was reminded of another wonderful example of my experiences.

Prior to leaving for Morocco, my friend Annie Abdelnour had contacted me via email. She had heard from a mutual friend that I was going to Morocco, where she was currently taking residency. She was staying in an eastern region of Morocco, about 7 hours away from Merrakesh. Merrakesh was as far east as we were traveling on our trip through Morocco, so we acknowledged that a meetup probably wasn’t in the cards, though she said that would follow up with an email with some Moroccan survival tips.

On our second day in Merrakesh, I decided to checkout an internet cafe to check my email. Due to the funky keyboard, it took me about 10 minutes to get into my email account. My inbox contained an email from Annie that contained her Morocco survival tip sheet, along with her contact number. Since I knew we were not heading east, I didn’t bother writing down her number.

However, one of my travel companions pointed out, “Well, there’s phones right here. You might as well try to get a hold of her.” I agreed and went back into the internet cafe and spent another 10 minutes getting into my email to write down her number, then immediately went to the phones to call her.

As it turned out, she was currently doing a bit of traveling herself. When I asked her where she was, she said, “I’m in Merrakesh.

Keeping in mind that Merrakesh is a population of 1 million people, I still felt optimistic as we were in the tourist hotspot, so I quickly replied, “Really? Where?

She was in the food courts about a 10 minute walk from where I was standing. Before I knew it, I was sitting with an old friend, drinking some Moroccan mint tea and some avocado lassi, while sharing tales of our travels. We sat there talking for an hour or two, before she had to head home for some rest, as she was leaving Merrakesh by bus, early the next morning.

How strange it felt to meet up with a familiar face, in a far off place, within such a short window of time. To think that I almost disregarded the possibility of meeting with her. As usual, I was tempted to label the situation as “weird”. Yet, in the moment, I remembered the advice of another soul who was following his path. He warned me to not label the experience as “unbelievable” or “weird”, as it will only remove one from the synchronistic flow. It was great advice that kept me in the moment, open, and ready for the next adventure that life had in store for me.

Weekly Digest

Weekly Digest

Aaron Draplin

Thanks to Zak Koski for introducing me to this (now famous) Detroit designer. Not sure I’ve seen someone more real grace the stage at TED.

Portland/CreativeMornings – Aaron James Draplin from CreativeMornings/Portland on Vimeo.

Also checkout:
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Advice for young designers trying to “get in” to the industry.

Can’t get enough?  Do an internet search and you’ll find TONS of talks.

Weekly Digest

I Want My Old Flip Phone Back

My phone would never pocket dial.
When I ended a call, I was 100% sure it was over.
I could dial phone numbers without having to even look at the dialing pad.
My battery lasted 4 days, on average.
More than 70% of the chargers I encountered would fit my phone.
Service is $30 a month w/ unlimited US nationwide coverage.

I could text message just fine, assuming I was creative and didn’t have to write a novel.
I couldn’t “browse the web” with ease, though I did have access to email and maps in a limited capacity… so no emergency was too big for my phone to handle.
I couldn’t take super awesome photos… but I made sure my “real” cameras were never too far.

This phone is *not* a smartphone.

I’d even consider a text pager, if pager service was still $10 per month (how about, “less”)-

-but I digress…

In my Walmart online shopping cart right now, I see this phone is $24.85, including shipping. How much are these new iPhone devices?

Next Year We’ll Burn Again

Sometimes the default world takes priority, and since I haven’t yet figured out how to live without money, this year had to be missed. This video helped with the homesickness.

I will not miss next year’s.

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