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Prayers via Video – Collection

Within the tears of sorrow exists tears of beauty and hope. I have gone through moments where hope was tested. I have even tasted the salty words, “Hope is disempowering.” However, this hope is now what holds the tears in my eyes, relaxing and washing these windows into my soul. Sometimes these tears are allowed to river down my cheeks and other times I hold them there, pooling loosely. A natural balance of awareness. The watery distortion helps me see the world a bit clearer. Mixing sorrow, strength and even laughter. In the process of merging some of these frequencies of feeling, I have been fortunate enough to come across these most excellent tools… these prayers

…starting with…

Charlie Chaplin’s incredible speech (that needs a better YouTube thumbnail)

Nahko – Great Spirit – mindful, stay mindful

ZakAndWhatArmy’s God Fractal

JFK via Prince EA
“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.”

Weekly Digest

First Radio Show Appearance in 15 Years

This is a photo of me back in highschool in 1998. I’m demonstrating one of the first digital audio editing stations. I was the dorky kid who set it up and was one of the few that knew how to use it. Not a big feat, considering how basic it was back then.

I’m not pictured here, but things have changed… a little. I was interviewed for about 90 minutes, being asked questions about my experiences in animation. I heard that it went over really well with the listeners, which means I didn’t get too too technical. Tommy and KAC were great hosts that challenged me with their questions.

During the drive home from the radio station, I received a text from one of the hosts. I tell ya… it made my week.

I just want you to know, for the entirety of my sense of being in life, have i ever met such a motivational and powerful inspiration. Not for what your profession is per say, but your soul reminds me of things ive felt like for a long time, has been missing. This thought is so much deeper then this txt. (Especially while driving) and like i said earlier your verbal descriptiveness makes sense to me, even tho i couldnt fathom the words u use, that hit the nail on the head for my own illiterate perception. I too honor honesty, with ethics of acknowledging and accepting bad truth, and practicing good truth. To sum it up. I appreciate your words, and thoroughly enjoy your company sir. I hope our relationship is long and prosper my friend. Cheers! Btw ive been typing this sent your last txt, which came in right when i got done with the forst sentence.


Juan’s Words of Comfort and Inspiration

Juan & Lexi at GTBT

Juan sent these words yesterday. I think we all could use this kind of reminder in tough times.

“You probably need someone to talk to of course, this may seem messy to you. A new year has begun and a full moon above. Know as I know for myself in spite of what may seem agitating and messy, you are blessed by the alchemy homie… A sacred bath you might call it. Let it sink in and handle it with all the honour you know is true in your heart. Don’t panic, all is well. Your world just got shaken….consciousness is creating angles of awareness. I got your back.

your brilliance will shine on even stronger….ooooiiiiii!!!! Can’t wait for you to see what’s coming for you….I can’t wait….just keep your cool. Handle this proper as the man you are. If this brings up things that haven’t been handled, well, Seize the motherfuckers, and move into this year focused with all demons exposed. Thank them, and tell them to now hang back. You don’t need them any more. Your view is tooo precious now.”


Sure, some might complain about the soapy bubbles getting into our drink or popping in our face, but still…

Who doesn’t like bubbles? I mean… really.

Ok, THAT many bubbles could get a bit slipper or maybe even dangerous.

Dance Video Collection #2

Currently a collection of a single video.  The first collection just got too darn big!

Fik-Shun – Holy cow this is nuts.

Weekly Digest

Weekly Digest

Weekly Digest

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