The Raffle Results Are Coming In


This year I haven’t yet made my attempt for tickets., but it sounds like 40,000 of the 50,000 are already gone. More go on sale soon, but I already know many burners who have been denied. I wonder just how many people registered for tickets.

It’s strange to think that I may not see this again, for awhile… though I am hopeful this will cause Burning Man to spread outside the playa. Following some of my burner friends on Facebook, it appears that a large percentage (almost half??) have been told they will not be getting tickets from the raffle. My heart goes out to all of them. I attended the last two years, but I have a hard time imaging how this is effecting the veterans who have been going for years (for some, decades). One burner brought up the fact that many camps are also reporting losses in numbers, which will effect their art projects. Oh boy… change is a scary thing.  There’s gotta be irony in there somewhere. No?

On the flip side, there will be SOOO many happy virgins that get to experience the playa for the first time (assuming there’s enough veteran burners to host an experience) . Very curious to see the media buzz during and after this year’s burn.

Take a deep breath, Jer. It will be ok.


And if you haven’t seen it already, Trey Ratcliff’s photo gallery captures the burn perfectly (and it was probably a strong factor in so many registering for the ticket raffle).


  1. Heya Jer! Thanks for keeping up on the interesting posts! Always great to see new and cool stuff! I hope your doing really well and staying in (er… i mean out of) trouble!!! haha

    Talk to you again bro!

    Don (Bardel Don)

  2. Jer

    2012/02/04 at 1:58 am

    I will keep it up!! Thanks for pinging in. We get counts… but never faces with the hits. 😉 If you have any comments (any at all) don`t hesitate to push me to elaborate How else can I grow?

    Remember, if you ever come (fly) to TO… you have a place to crash. 🙂

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