I received Fallout 3 free with my PS3 console deal…   the “Collectors Edition” that is.

I’ve put just under 10 hours into the game and although the new turn-based like targeting system (aka “VAT) is pretty satisfying, the game is pretty repetitive. Glad I took the time to play it as now I’m more sure than ever that I want to avoid most first person RPGs.

You like the open world RPGs?  Then you’ll probably like this game.  However, if life demands your attention, don’t pick this one up or:

1) You won’t get anything done.  You’ll constantly be late for work.  You’re wife will leave you (though this is more tolerable to spouses than “WoW”).

2) You’ll snap out of a trance, 10 hours in, and think, “Where am I? It’s 2am?” and set out to burn the drug-like media before it tempts you into more game time.

Checkout what the Escapist has to say.

Thief?    Hmm…   yeah, I still haven’t played that one.