Can’t sleep. A burst of inspiration and confusion. Seeing everything I’m doing wrong. The things I’m doing wrong is that I’m NOT doing things. Not making the changes in my life that I know are healthy. For months I would dance at the bus stop, listening to my headphones. I tried to avoid areas with people, but if someone walked past me and looked at me as if I was a crack head, I smiled and kept dancing.

I warmed up whenever I could (45 min per day, average). My “workout” consisted of pushup bars.  Gotta thank Slis for the heads up on these things.  I again have a pullup bar & it’s not one I need to be afraid of breaking loose.  It’s a custom make and is built right into the supporting 2x4s in the framework of an extra-wide hall / doorway.  Meditation/quiet time/breathing practice/dancy/stretching/yogaish type stuff is key.  I was somehow able to do it without music.  The music was in my head…    man.