Recognizing and accepting the ups and downs is tricky. I don’t have any trouble recognizing them and labeling them, but accepting them is a different story.  By “accepting”, I simply mean that I’m always reminding myself that life isn’t always an upwards trend.  However, unless you can look at all the challenges as kicks in the head that may make you aware of alternate paths that might remove you from habitual loop. Kicks in the head help you learn, and learning is progress…    so I guess it IS an upwards trend.  Huh!

Last week I went to the waterfront to listen to some music and get some sun, but within minutes a storm started to roll through. I saw it coming, so I quickly ran under a tree for shelter. Under the tree I was forced to hide my music away and just gaze at the darkened view of the lake as large drops of collected rainwater snaked their way around the leaves, dripped onto my head and ran down my neck. Eventually a certain peace came over me and I wasn’t concerned about being wet. I saw some people stressed out by being rained on, and yet others seemed to welcome the cooling wetness.  After the storm passed I looked at my hand and noticed a small spider had joined me for warmth and shelter from the rain. I looked up through the branches and the sun appeared unusually sparkly. After a few minutes, I returned to my bench by the lake and relaxed in the silence. To exaggerate the dreamy state that I was in, the wet concrete was warm enough to steam, forming a light fog that crawled across the sidewalks and into the grass.

You can bet that I appreciated the sunshine more, after the rain came through.

The difficult part is keeping the energy up and remaining positive through the challenges. For me, it’s a matter of remaining optimistic or, better yet, just being grateful for where I’m at. I think it’s pretty easy to find these positive gems in nature…   but it’s a bit of a pain when stuck behind a laptop.

There’s still much to do this month, but in thinking back to last week’s trip to the boardwalk, I can start to feel where something good might come of all this. I will make something good come of all this. Life is pushing me and I will roll with it to see what direction it’s leading me to.

*takes deep breath*