For years I’ve wanted a pocket watch. Not a fan of a watch that wraps around your wrist, as this is a JOINT area that is designed to MOVE (not to mention the discomfort when working at a keyboard).

For a few years now I’ve just had my wristwatch attached to my belt loop via it’s velcro strap <insert image here>.  However, I think it’s time for something a little more stylish, perferably with a built in chronograph.  I am in animation after all.

Wind Up Stop Watches and Sports Timers from Camero

This Omega 1932 looks beautiful & sounds like da shit and is impossible to find.  This Charles Hubert watch looks slick & it’s cheap.

Tons of great watches here too, though not the best browsing format.

If all else fails (which it seems that it is) there’s always ebay.