Little Grandmother’s Dancing Star Brother

The night before my cousin’s wedding, I sat down at my mother’s computer and received an email from a spiritual friend in Vancouver which contained a video of the Little Grandmother of the Tribe of Many Colors. I have to say, this video was kinda tripped out, but still intriguing for me. Little Grandmother’s sincerity was powerful enough to keep me watching he talk till the end… which is where she mentioned our “star brothers and sisters“. She said they exist among us, but are hiding themselves in a place we will never look, “our mentally disabled“. “They are here simple to hold a very high vibration for humanity.  It is a lesson for each of us. `How would you treat someone who looks so different from you?`

This part of the message stuck with me. Easy to judge her as crazy?  In this world, sure is…     yet the point remains valid.

The next night, at my cousin’s wedding, I was looking forward to dancing. As always, I had to wait till more people got boozed up enough to dance. I usually find it difficult to throttle back.  It’s all or nothing. Either I just sit down and have more cake, or bounce around like a monkey till my shirt it soaked. That is when I noticed the man with down syndrome. He was break-dancing on the dance floor.

I joined him.  We battled and inspired each other to do things we hadn’t done before. He did some popping and I did a backspin. The rest of the people didn’t exist. Though brief, this was some of the most fun I have had dancing in a long time.  I didn’t feel like I was “pushing” myself, but I certainly was going beyond whatever I had tried in the past. For the rest of the night the family was pushing us to break it out again, but we couldn’t because it wasn’t about us anymore, it was about a show. Putting on a show has a totally different vibe.  A vibe that doesn’t contain as powerful an energy.

I guess Little Grandmother was right. This particular star brother existed…   and he taught a valuable lesson that night.

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  1. Love that I just so happen to see this tonight..
    Amanda’s bridal shower is this Saturday.
    She is getting married on 11/28..
    A new beginning. 🙂

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