Juan & Lexi at GTBT

JuanĀ sent these words yesterday. I think we all could use this kind of reminder in tough times.

“You probably need someone to talk to of course, this may seem messy to you. A new year has begun and a full moon above. Know as I know for myself in spite of what may seem agitating and messy, you are blessed by the alchemy homie… A sacred bath you might call it. Let it sink in and handle it with all the honour you know is true in your heart. Don’t panic, all is well. Your world just got shaken….consciousness is creating angles of awareness. I got your back.

your brilliance will shine on even stronger….ooooiiiiii!!!! Can’t wait for you to see what’s coming for you….I can’t wait….just keep your cool. Handle this proper as the man you are. If this brings up things that haven’t been handled, well, Seize the motherfuckers, and move into this year focused with all demons exposed. Thank them, and tell them to now hang back. You don’t need them any more. Your view is tooo precious now.”