So I picked up a Sony projector the other day.  FINALLY!!  It’s an older model that I got for about 1k (including cables & tax).

I’m projecting it on the wall for testing… but it’s actually not bad, and considering I’ve got a forest green wall.  Hah.  Neat.

Anyhow, I’ve been told about this refletive paint.  Or some recommend using “blackout cloth“.  They say it’s used to line drapes to completely block out light.  Looks like you can get it in grey, which sounds good for contrast balancing.  Some guys even recommend paper (which wouldn’t survive in my place).  Or whynot skip the middle men and just go right to China.  “Can we get it by the yard?”

This Lumanlab thread has some good info, till you hit the expired MSN links.

I thought abot a screen, but now I’m thinking a strip that goes across the whole wall.  If it’s just the right grey, it might even help blend these walls.  Hmm…

I’ve gotta start digging a deeper than just the first page of a Google search.