This week we were kickin butt.  We start every day at around 9:30 and continue on to around 6pm, with breaks in between. Travis was teaching me some tips about drafting (draw from the elbow!) and complimentary colors. It seems I’ve missed out on a few things by not attending art school.

Our workstations are lean, mean and…   clean!! The clutter has been reduced significantly, which has helped our focus (and will probably set Cecilia at ease).  He have some a little furniture, but a couch will help fill everything out.

We spent most of the week building a character and R&Ding new rigging components. I have been spending a little time in Maya and Houdini, as well as drawing little doodle animations in Plastic Animation Paper.

It has been raining like mad the last week and a half. Apparently, the weather in Vancouver hasn’t been much better. I suppose this gives me plenty of time to get some stuff done, though dancing around the living room isn’t the best way to get my exercise.  Though, I have to admit that I do love living in a house again.

Working at home has its advantages. There is a lot of stuff to absorb and there was a  little bit of push to get this character completed, so we decided to take yesterday off to recharge.

Tomorrow I head to Vancouver for the weekend…

Now if only this weather would let up!!!