Last night we set out to check out a place called “Goodnight!“. It’s your classic, loungey, little back alley drinking hole that requires an invite/reservation. New York Times has labeled one of the “coolest” places in Toronto.

Upon entering, we were asked to keep our cameras put away, as not to disturb the special guests. We didn’t recognize any of the other patrons present, though we had heard that celebs (such as Dan Aykroyd) visit often. The small room used wooden pallets as walls and the long but narrow wooden shelf contained all the high-end booze you could ask for, including 1oz shots of scotch for $140. Our host opted for the $20/oz scotch.

We didn’t stay too long before we decided to change the atmosphere and visit another friend.

The next establishment was a place called Cream. Though this lounge was larger, it also required a knock at a locked door. Cream has only been open for a few months, but the decor felt otherwise. These photos don’t do it justice, as it was too dark for my phone camera. The lighting was was similar to that found in a Stanley Kubrick film. As for the design work… walking through the doors made me feel as if I was walking onto the set of Marie Antoinette. We were greeted by the owner and casually ushered to a short table surrounded by antique couches.

Everything felt authentic.  The hand upholstered couches, curtains, chandeliers and…  real silverware? I had one glass of red wine , that I gently sipped, while eating a filet mignon and watching a live performance of Amy Winehouse projected over a curtained wall.  I’ve never been in such a stylish place, yet felt so comfortable. The owner was a great host who joined us for the last half of our meal. I could get used to this.  We all agreed to return… soon.