First week of working with Travis is complete.  We met our deliveries, despite all the setbacks with all the setting up.  Computers.  GAH! We have full confidence that the second time around will be 1/3 the time. Learning tons from each other. I have really missed this kind of collaboration.

Speaking of computers…

Sometimes they can have light and simple tools that mimic traditional tools that we find in real life.  Plastic Animation Paper is one of those tools.  The free version allows you to play around and export little animations.  Here’s one of the 4 doodles I’ve done in the program.  I enjoyed every second of it…   and you can expect to see more.

Plastic Animation Paper – Test 1 from verbal007 on Vimeo.

There is something magical about creating something for the sake of creating. No money or deadlines to steer you. Each step is spontaneous.

Hmm… needs some ninjas.