A kid can dream, can’t he? I first hearing his voice from the Marvel Action Universe series on television about 20 years ago. Last night I heard him again, being interviewed by Kevin Smith. Such an exceptional, yet humble individual. According to one of Stan’s interviews,

“I go to sleep around midnight, then wake up about 5,” Lee says, pausing. “Doesn’t everybody get up that early? “

This morning I decided to do something I haven’t done in years… read a Spider-Man comic. The series I was reading was bringing up the question as to whether or not the spider that bit Peter was trying to pass on it’s power, before dying of radioactivity. Impressive how they can still bring up questions of his origin.

At the end of 5 part series, something obstructed my view of the comic page. A spider was dangling from our 16 foot ceiling, about 8 inches from the tip of my nose.

Life still has so many little surprises for me… but “No”, it didn’t bite me. I still have to get around without climbing walls or swinging on web-shooters.