Into Eternity – Deep Nuclear Storage Facility “Onkalo”

How could the Fukashima disaster have been avoided?  We have solutions, though we’re currently sitting around with a world covered in temporary storage sites.

Watch this warning to humans 100,000 years in the future about a storage facility that is currently being built, but won’t be finished for a few more decades. Building the Gateway to Hades for the generations to come.




Blender: My Quick Synopsis

A friend asked me to tell him, “…how cool Blender is (please)“.

So here was my response.

It’s the biggest open source 3D software and Ton (the founder) is a good guy with an honorable vision. It can model, rig, texture, animate, FX, composite and even has a video game engine built in.

The project that is currently in-progress is going to be live action. Google even donated some of its employees to create a 3D camera solving component to help with create high-end visual effects.

Here are some open-source movies that they created using this FREE software.

And Big Buck Bunny certainly displays a high level of quality with it’s fur.

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