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First Radio Show Appearance in 15 Years

This is a photo of me back in highschool in 1998. I’m demonstrating one of the first digital audio editing stations. I was the dorky kid who set it up and was one of the few that knew how to use it. Not a big feat, considering how basic it was back then.

I’m not pictured here, but things have changed… a little. I was interviewed for about 90 minutes, being asked questions about my experiences in animation. I heard that it went over really well with the listeners, which means I didn’t get too too technical. Tommy and KAC were great hosts that challenged me with their questions.

During the drive home from the radio station, I received a text from one of the hosts. I tell ya… it made my week.

I just want you to know, for the entirety of my sense of being in life, have i ever met such a motivational and powerful inspiration. Not for what your profession is per say, but your soul reminds me of things ive felt like for a long time, has been missing. This thought is so much deeper then this txt. (Especially while driving) and like i said earlier your verbal descriptiveness makes sense to me, even tho i couldnt fathom the words u use, that hit the nail on the head for my own illiterate perception. I too honor honesty, with ethics of acknowledging and accepting bad truth, and practicing good truth. To sum it up. I appreciate your words, and thoroughly enjoy your company sir. I hope our relationship is long and prosper my friend. Cheers! Btw ive been typing this sent your last txt, which came in right when i got done with the forst sentence.


Trentemoller Live on KCRW

Watching Trentemoller right now on KCRW. I will not miss him the next time he’s in town.

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