Don’t Be Afraid, Math Doesn’t Always Hurt

Nature by Numbers by ETERIA.

If only this became the new definition of “infographics”.

And here’s a Youtube link for those of you on smartphones.

I saw the beginnings of Drew’s visualization of DNA replication about 8 years ago in L.A. Have things improved since then? Well, my cheeks start to hurt when I think of how happy I am for him.  Watch this.

Vi Hart’s blog is another visual explanation of math in nature.

Constructing the Universe w/ Michael Schneider

Spirit Science’s presentation on sacred geometry creates an intense ride through the many patterns that can be found in nature and describes it’s effects on our consiousness… and our consciousness on it!

What is Pi? Simple animations can help see where the 3.14 comes from.

Finally, if you are super geek, Professor Norman J. Wildberger has gone back in time to explain how trigonometry was supposed to be taught. I swear, my dread would have been turned to love, had I been exposed to trig like this.

6 Minutes of Darkness from PostPanic

PostPanic recently spent 6 months creating this 6 minute title sequence for the 2011 OFFF Festival, hosted in Barcelona. If this dark accelerated cyberpunk future doesn’t disturb you, then maybe you kept your eyes shut for too long or forgot to put your headphones on.

Digital Hands Unleashed in Samsung Galaxy SII’s Ad

Any example of dance driving visual effects catches my interest, and this specific video has me giddily bouncing around in my seat with each viewing.

via Fubiz video.

After some searching for “hand dance”, I found this video. with over 6 million views, I’m surprised I didn’t come across it sooner.

Aaron Koblin’s Data Visualization TED Talk

I recognize Aaron’s flight patterns work, but I love seeing some of his collaborative works. The Johnny Cash project and the The Wilderness Downtown are impressive. My eyes have been opened a little more to the unlimited possibilities. Note: I had trouble getting The Wilderness Downtown working in Firefox, but it worked fine in Google Chrome. It will open multiple windows, so be warned… but there’s nothing to fear. Is the interface really the message?

GMUNK – Interface Artist from TRON

If you navigate past the monkey jerking off on his main page, you can see the massive portfolio that GMUNK has put together, including work from the recent TRON release. Checkout his work through the OUTPUT link.

Hereafter VFX Reel – How to Drown a Town

Tons of great water effects and compositing in this visual effects breakdown reel for Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter.

Daft Punk Visual Mashup

In a style similar to Girl Talk, this mash-up moves through 23 Daft Punk tracks and uses HTML5 and CSS3 in order to visualize all the layers, cuts and waveforms in real time.

You can use the timeline on the bottom to skip around. It would have been neat to be able to toggle each track on and off, but I haven’t found anything in here that allows for that…  yet.

The most impressive part is that no Flash was used to create this! Awesome. There is hope for the future of the internet.

“The Man In Blue” also has a link in the upper right to download the mix as an MP3.

Little Dog Military Robot

With every iteration, these robot drones are getting creepier and creepier. Yes, this thing is real and not a movie prop. It’s the procedurally driven animation that procedurally drives me to link to it in this blog.

If you haven’t already seen the video for the “Big Dog”, here’s a link to the video.

Integrated with some flocking technology, these little buggers would gain some more points to creepy factor.

Google’s Dance Logo

Google’s front-page tribute to Martha Graham‘s 117th birthday was animated by Ryan J Woodward. A few months back I had posted a link to his animated dance film “Thought of You“. I’m glad Google gave me an excuse to mention this fantastically inspiring short again.

The Christian Science Monitor has quoted Martha Graham saying,

I have spent all my life with dance and being a dancer. It’s permitting life to use you in a very intense way. Sometimes it is not pleasant. Sometimes it is fearful. But nevertheless it is inevitable.

Again, I can’t stress enough… if you haven’t seen his “Thought of You” short film, check it out here.

Richard Williams – Animator / Director

Working in the animation industry, it’s almost impossible to not have heard of Richard Williams. His Animator’s Survival Kit is a bible for most character animators. Every studio that I have worked at, had at least a half dozen copied floating around. A few years ago, Richard also made his live lectures available on DVD. The price is now down to just under $1000 USD. Wiki says that this animator/director was born in Toronto, Canada in 1933.

Richard Williams is best known as the director of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Apparently, Williams had also directed 3/4 of the Raggedy Ann & Andy, “A Musical Adventure“. Here’s a great clip of the iconic dolls floating around in a living lake of sugar, via Scribble Junkies.

According to the Scribble Junkies thread, the primary animator for this shot was Emery Hawkins.

If you liked that, I recommend checking out Michael Sporn’s blog, where you can find pages and pages of behind the scene materials, including the original timing sheets. There is also a “The Animated Raggedy Ann and Andy: An Intimate Look at the Art of Animation Its History, Techniques, and Artists” book, that sounds like a good collector’s item.

Finally, it’s difficult to talk about Richard Williams without mentioning his film, The Thief and the Cobbler. If you appreciate his work, I recommend taking 2 hours to see the mostly finished Recobbled Cut“, which is available, in it’s entirety on Youtube.

Musically Drawing

Here’s one entertaining way to help train yourself to read music… as well as provide a little subliminal programming…?

Zombies Ruin Vacation

Zombies chomping (and being chopped) in reverse, for Zombie Island trailer. Houdini was used for rigging, animation, effects and rendering. A nice score for Toronto based SideFX software!

Read the VFX breakdown here.

Pixelated in 3D

If you haven’t already seen Pixels by Patrick Jean, I highly recommend sitting back for a few minutes to see the short that inspired Adam Sandler to invest.

Someone has even build a digital asset that you can download, for free, which allows you to accomplish some of the effects found in this short. It’s called “pixelizeME” and you can find it at the Houdini Exchange.

Here’s an example created by Damien LM.

Morphing Face Mahem

Thanks to Cecilia de Groot for this video. I love how the morphs match the tempo. I can only guess this was created in Flash.

This reminds me of a music video that I just saw last week. The Japanese Popstars Feat. Green Velvet – Let Go. There’s also a “Making of..” video that I would recommend checking out. Apparently one of the animators who worked on this was also responsible for work done on Pink Floyd’s “The Wall“.

The Japanese Popstars Feat. Green Velvet – Let Go from David Wilson Creative on Vimeo.

Sand Art by Ilana Yahav

These videos are a bit old, but I recently came across them again so I figured I would share them.

More of Ilana’s work can be found on her website,

Flowing Curves in “Thought of You”

“Thought of You”, created by Ryan Woodward provided me with an inspiring dose to add to my breakfast this morning. He also has some beautiful figure sketches on his website that I recommend taking the time to see.

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

Andrew Lowell’s Music/Houdini talk @ CIS – Nov 17th

November 17th @ 7pm, Andrew Lowell is doing a talk at CIS (Vancouver) on Houdini’s integration of sound and music.

Can we bridge the gap between live VJing and top end 3D computer graphics? Are we already there?

For more details on what you might be able to expect from the talk, I would recommend checking out Andrew’s site.

Anomaly H2O – Digital Artist Gathering

This Saturday, Oct 30th CGMovement presents another Anomaly.

Anomaly H2O is a dynamic showcase of talented artists from across North America, a fusion of an art workshop and party that brings 2D/3D artists together to share inspiration and creativity. Come prepared, this event features some of the most talented artists, showcase live art demonstrations, and keynote speakers across North America. This is THE opportunity for artists mingle and exchange ideas from this lineup of artists as well as from everyone attending.
I’m really looking forward to being inspired, once again.  The list of artists is amazing. I will be posting some photos, afterwards…   though wouldn’t it be better to see the demonstrations in person?

Mechanical 4 Letter Words

I suppose sometimes words do not fail us, assuming they are mechanically driven and illuminated.

Four Letter Words from Rob Seward on Vimeo.

Or maybe when it’s sliced up and reprojected on an iPad in front of a long exposure.

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

Animated Bag Monsters

Ever walk over the subway grates and thought, “Wow, there’s a lot of wasted energy here that could be harnessed for the good of all mankind.”


Well I have… kinda…. sorta… not really.

Joshua Allen Harris seems to have found a very clever way to use this unused pressure.

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