Sleep didn’t go so well last.  Maybe it was the terrifying documentary Rise of the Jellyfish (they have EYES!), or maybe it was the interruptions during the night.

I woke up puffy-eyed and groggy.

Solution?  Quick n small breakfast of oatmeal, then get my ass outside to get the blood moving.  Finally, a salad (w/ nuts n cheese) to fill me up and make me comfy enough to sit down here and tell you about it.

This journaling is going well.  Getting more efficient with it and only takes me about 20 minutes to mess with the camera, type something short and get it all online.

I think I got the eye swells down to about 30%. At least I can see now! I think I’ll go back to the fridge and see if some cold cucumbers will help. Now THAT would have made for a more entertaining article photo.