Setting up an old machine that I recently pulled out of storage (2 years in Vancouver!?  Poor little box).

Step one is to update the Ubuntu theme to Elegant…  or should I stick with Equinox w/ squared Dawn borders? Well, that’s your choice. Here’s some very simple instructions for both of them.  I’d recommend Equinox first, as Elegant has a one-button solution which can activate or restore previous settings.  Just tested it and it works just fine.



*note: I personally experienced some issues in Firefox, when using the dark themes (it was too bright!!), so I corrected this (for the most part), by installing the Stylish add-on and then customizing my own “Global Midnight Theme”. Mwuahahahaaa!

Oh yeah, and you might need to create a “Stylish” theme to correct the color of the now greyed font in input text boxes in Firefox.