Looks like Introversion Software (publishers of Darwinia & Defcon) have something else up their sleeves and they’re calling it “Love”. I’m geeked.

Check out the video for a tech demo.  It looks like they’re using voxels to pull off the dynamic terrain.  By “dynamic”, I mean that the ground itself can be raised and lowered, kinda like the ol populous, except at a more granular level.   If you don’t have patience, skip about 1 minute into the video for the real goods.

Btw, if you want to play something a little different, and you haven’t heard of any of Introversion’s games, I would check them out. Multiwinia just came out too.

Thanks to PlanetDamage for the 411.


Completely wrong on this one!  It’s not made by Introversion Software and if I had taken the extra time to checkout the source links, I would have read the informative article posted on RockPaperShotgun.  Not only that, it’s not voxels!

I will be posting a better researched update soon.