Psychedelic Patterns and Fractals

“The Music Scene” from Anthony Francisco Schepperd on Vimeo.


abstract animation film for neuroscientific purpose. It is seen by children (age of two to ten years) on a screen in front of them while they are in a brain scanner.


3D fractals creating alien landscapes.


Showing behavior systems. Techinically… it’s tech demo, but the patterns are gorgeous.


More flocking systems


Growing crystal structures… sculptures.


Animation Shorts

Voxels take over.


Stop motion w/ practical effects.


Visitor from far away + a soccer ball = ?


One of my favorites that I still back to watch. The director rammed it with symbolism. Kinda creepy.


Live action first person chase


Stop mostion w/ laser pointers and long exposuress creates a kitty made of light.


Simple and cute… and great little tale.


Appropriate narrated story w/ slower gradually increasing visuals.


Insane chase scene.


FX driven take of a man conquering his compulsive disorder. (dark comedy)


very minimalistic tribute to Stanley Kubrick

Commercials and Title Credits

Cyberspace intro… for video game “Syndicate”

Tech Demos and Artistic Process

Slick presentation of the creation process of a growing grape effect in 3D.


Streetfighter fans will get a kick of these motion capture abstractions w/ particles.


The current technique of digital sculpting.