Interview w/ Noah Bradley

Artist Noah Bradley says it’s OK to go to art school, but only if it’s free. He feels that the debt that art school creates for artists is hurting them. Artists don’t make a lot of money yet art school can be incredibly expensive. He has even refused teaching at universities, however he does perform online training classes. I came across this interview while reading a thread on creating art that impacts the world.

No More AAA Credit for the United States

What does it all mean? Well, this was the simplest summary I found.

“Like any borrower, as the US’ credit rating get’s worse, the cost to borrow money is more expensive, if it’s more expensive to borrow money, spending drops, when spending drops, more business lay off workers, as unemployment grows, the FED prints more money for entitlement programs, as the supply of paper money increases, the buying power of the dollar decreases and Gold and Silver go up in price.”


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